My not-so-normal New Years resolutions

First, I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours! I hope 2012 is very good to you. I was so excited to kick 2011 in the you know what! I was OVER IT LOL! Now, every year we all attempt to fullfill our New Years resolutions and for some, we never stick to it....ok MOST of us. I have some of the most random resolutions and I thought I would share them with you...maybe give you some ideas. Most of the time, people want to "lose weight" or "stop smoking"...which is GREAT, don't get me wrong. The first one is pretty emabrrassing, but I vow to start remembering to put my car in park before I open the door and try to get out. I do this on ONE TOO MANY occasions. I'm not sure what's wrong with me but it happens and it HAS to stop, or my car will roll into a wall one day.  Second, I promise to have more patience....with VA DRIVERS! This is pretty self explanatory because you know as well as I do, that VA drivers are INSANE LOL! But for me, it's not worth a heart attack. I plan to WOOSAAHH. Third, I plan to start watching more educational programming. I think I get dumber the more I watch "Mob Wives." and "Jerseylicious..." I need to excercise the brain and these shows are NOT helping haha. Fourth, I will ony check my Facebook every half hour, instead of every 2 minutes. I have a problem. I can admit it. And last but not least, I vow to check my mail at my apartment more than once a month, my mailman probably HATES me. It's already a tiny little slot for the mail, I don't know how he fits the other stuff in most of the time. Poor guy lol. Hope you had a fantastic 2011 and WELCOME TO 2012!! Now let's stick to those resolutions SHALL WE? God Bless!

01/03/2012 7:03PM
My not-so-normal New Years resolutions
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