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Woo Woo


My closet messy? No way!

Hey it's Woo Woo - that's no my closet. It's Mariah Carey's. And it's just her shoes!!! If I could get my closet looking something like that...all nice & would be great. Read my blog & watch the video. And please - tell me I'm not the only closet slob! mariahscloset OK - 1 thing you might not know about me (but my husband McCoy does) is that I have a very hard time "maintaining cleanliness". This is what McCoy calls it. Sounds easy, it ain't! I love to clean - but I am much more of a "1 Big Clean a Month" kind of girl. Like - I create all these piles of clothes/shoes/junk, and I will usually pick 1 day to clean it all up and organize. And on that 1 Day - I will scrub the shower, the toilets, vacuum, dust, iron and do any other cleaning chore I need to do. Problem is - after that 1 day of cleaning - my closet,my side of the bed, part of the bathroom is a disaster!! It's horrible. McCoy is much better at the "maintaining" of the clean...I'm not. Piles of crap just pile up again. And I feel horrible about it. If you ever come to my house and it's trashed, don't blame McCoy. Blame me. So - long story short. I decided to do that "1 Big Clean" last night. Started at 8pm. Finished at Midnight. And I am still not done. I blame it all on my closet. It's a big walk in closet...I just can't figured out how to organize it and fit everything in. So here's a video I made last night. Please - if a closet comapny hears my cries....CALL ME! HELP ME! Thanks in advance. XOXO, WooWoo

10/27/2009 9:18AM
My closet messy? No way!
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10/28/2009 1:15PM
well all of our closets would look like mariah's if we had her $$! :)
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