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Murphy vs. Wally

Here's 2 pictures of what today's blog is about...Murphy & Wally:              So this morning - we were talking about my issue with going out of town and leaving Murphy. For those of you that have pets and no kids, you probably agree with me. My dog is my life. Murphy is my baby. He is my kid...with 4 legs and bad puppy breath. But I love him!!! And so when McCoy & I go to Las Vegas next month, I am freeeeeeaaaaaking out because I don't want to leave him. Let alone leave him with my mom & dad. It would be fine - if Murphy was going to be the only pet in the house. But you see...he won't be. My mom has a cat named Wally. Wally is her baby. He is spoiled rotten. He hates people. He only likes my mom. He attacked the mail man. A CAT - ATTACKED A MAIL MAN!!! And Wally also attacked Murphy a few years ago. Thus the reason I am having a panic attack about leaving my kid with evil kitty. (My sister calls Wally, "Sh*tty Kitty"!) So if you head to the POINT Facebook Fan page, you can chime in and give me some much needed advice. Do I just suck it up & leave Murphy with my mom? Or do I kennel him? Hire a dog sitter? I can only imagine what it will be like when I have a real kid, and not a dog kid. I am super protective of my boy. Happy Tuesday - WW

09/14/2010 7:07AM
Murphy vs. Wally
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09/17/2010 6:27AM
I don't really have any advice for you because I never go away anywhere where I can't bring my dog...I know how you feel because Jovi is MY baby...I might be a little crazy because if the chance came up for me and my husband to take a vacation and we COULDN'T bring her, I truthfully don't think I would go...not much help, I know an I apologize but I wanted to tell you that I can totally understand your dilemma...
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