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Morning Point Relationship 911.


Chuck and WooWoo,

Listen to this ridiculousness! I work with a woman who apparently is KNOWN in the office as Debbie the Dasher. She goes to lunch & walks out on her bill. Doesn't pay! I didn't believe the rumors until
yesterday - 12 of us from the office went to lunch to celebrate a retirement. We all paid our bills - separate. Debbie said she had to go to the bathroom. She NEVER CAME BACK! She walked out on her bill. I know we are ALL adults, but everyone I work with is too embarassed to say anything. I've only seen her do it once. But I don't care - I am ready to say something. Should I take her out to lunch one on one & confront her. Or do we just keep turning a blind eye?! Thanks!!


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11/15/2012 8:34AM
Morning Point Relationship 911.
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12/24/2012 7:21AM
You could do that, but unless you tie her down till she pays her check it's not likely to change anything. Sad but probably true. So pass her picture around local resturants as a dasher, and tell the wait staff when you go in. Getting caught will do her some good.
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