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Monday Funday - June 13 2011

Hey! Hope ya'll had a great weekend. I was in Atlanta this weekend - my 1st weekend away from Maggie - and it was awesome!! Of course I missed her like crazy, but it was nice to sleep in, go to a late dinner, shop with out pushing a stroller around and just relax with McCoy. We called home to check on her everyday, maybe 4 or 5 times a day. HA! But she did great and I knew she was going to be well taken care of by my InLaws. Murphy was with her too! Good ol' Muprhy. Why were we in Atlanta? Because my 36 year old husband was playing in a KICKBALL TOURNAMENT. Don't hate...Kickball is gonna be an Olympic sport one day!! And yes - this is the kickball you played in grade school. Big red ball, baseball diamond, etc. But this is kickball on a whole different level. They play for cash! They play hardcore! And they play to win! And it was worth the airfare & hotel because McCoy's kickball team won the tourney. YAY! Here's 2 pics from the weekend:   I made it to the end of the Finals - just in time to watch them win! YAY! Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Bummer about the weather for Harborfest. Off to a meeting now. XOXO, WooWoo

06/13/2011 6:59AM
Monday Funday - June 13 2011
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08/15/2011 10:36AM
You're the gearstet! JMHO
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