The Morning Point well fed!

OK - so we don't mean to hate. We are just pointing out the obvious. And everyone is talking about it...but Kevin Federline looks like he's been spending more time at the drive thru than at the gym. Check out these pics... This was Kevin at a pool in Miami, Florida this week: kfed kfed2 Here's a before pic of KFED- just to refresh your memory... kfed-before1 And here's Keely Shay Smith. Pierce Brosnan's wife. Before & After: keely-shaye-smith

09/02/2009 12:06PM well fed!
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09/02/2009 1:35PM
OH MY GOD! What a fat pig! You are so right about KFED just living it up with the x's money. I hope the kids don't look like that!!!!!!!!!!!
10/06/2009 4:01AM
James Bond
I wish I still had my license to kill....
01/31/2010 12:57AM
I think that Keely is beautiful at any size. Just by looking at her, you can tell that she has a beautiful soul, and Pierce standing by her side is a testiment to that. Hang in there, Keely!
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