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July 21, 2009 Babies & Bikinis!

Hey! It's Woo - and Happy Tuesday to you. Almost to Friday, right? And I'm really mad that Chuck is on vacation. I want him back. HA HA! Barry McKay is doing a fab job filling in, but Chuck & I have this (non-romantical) chemistry. He cracks me up! I mean - if you heard the things we talked about OFF the air - you would need to take a bath... baby1 So why babies in the blog? Well - I am not preggers. Yet! Next summer maybe...but 1 of my bestest girlfriends just told us that she and her husband are expecting!!! Not sure if it's a boy or girl...but McCoy & I are soo excited for them. On my lunch break  today I bought them a card, some balloons, pink and blue JellyBellie jellybeans and some SPARKLING Apple Juice. And for me - WINE! I gotta celebrate with the real stuff. HA HA! We're going over to my BFF Lindsay's house tonight to celebrate. YEH! champagne           vogawine PS - I looove VOGA wines. I bought the Pinot Grigio. YUM! And the bottles are awesome too. Yeh - so what if I buy wine just cause I like the bottle. Don't judge!! And why BIKINIS? Well - McCoy & I leave for vacation in Miami next week...and I am OBSESSED with buying bikinis for the trip. We will be on the beach for 6 days. 6!!! And I have already collected bikinis from Nordstrom, Target and Everything But Water...but now I am on a mission to find this bikini: annalynne mccord 190709 That's actress AnnaLynne McCord in Malibu last weekend. She's on the new 90210. Her bikini is by Juicy Couture - and I neeed it!!! I have searched everywhere on-line and haven't found it. Yet! If you see it - let me know.   OK - Gotta hop on the air now with Barry. Talk to you tomorrow!! XOXO, WooWoo PS - You can comment on our blogs now...just click the comments thingy. So if you find this bikini for me...let me know. HA! :)

07/21/2009 10:48AM
July 21, 2009 Babies & Bikinis!
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07/21/2009 10:58AM
Hey it's Woo Woo - and yeh, I'm commenting on my own blog. Just testing to see if it works. And it does! YES! I <3 TECHNOLOGY!!
07/21/2009 11:15AM
that bathing suit is so cute!!! i need to start working out so i can even start think about wearing something like that haha! have fun in miami!! and omg i love babies!! tell your friends congrats!!
07/21/2009 11:53AM
woowoo, I love juicy couture! when I was in vegas last year there was a pair of shoes (flip flops) that I had to have at the juicy couture shop at the ceasar's palace forum shops but they didn't have my size! :( I went to juicycouture.com and was able to get them and cheaper then they were in vegas. anyway, I looked at the site and the suit is not on there, probably because it was from 2008. I would take the pic down to Meg's and have her make you one! good luck Jeannie
07/23/2009 6:39PM
look at the venus swimsuit collection. it's vey close to looking like this
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