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It's Wednesday & I can't sleep...

sleepy Hey peeps! It's Wednesday. And I can't sleep. It's as simple as that. For the last 3 nights - I just CAN'T fall asleep. I used to be able to pass out, get 10 hours of sleep & wake up feeling awesome. Now - I'm averaging 3 hours of sleep. Last night - I went from the bed, to the couch, then to the bed in the Guest Bedroom. Eventually fell asleep at 6AM! WTF. I seriously watched the clock change...from 10-11-12-1-2-3-4-5-6. It sucked! I am soo tired. I don't know if it's anxiety, maybe I have insomnia now, or some sleep disorder. I don't drink coffee, or that much caffeine. Maybe 2 Diet Cokes a day? I think maybe I'm just nervous about next Tuesday. It's my 26th birthday (OLD!) and I go to court that day to face the guy who tried breaking into our house. After being sent to jail for 2 years - he appealed it. So we go back to court for trial next week. I'm super scared....nervous....I hate criminals! And bad guys! You suck!!! OH! And here's a pic I snapped the 2nd time this scumbag kid tried breaking into our house - via the front door. I grabbed my camera so we could have a pic to ID him to police. Thankfully - the Norfolk PD showed up less than 3 minutes later & arrested him after he rounded this corner. UGH! Freaking criminals....Leave good people alone. woopics-003   On the flip side - here's some pictures from our vacation to MIAMI! Sorry it took so long to post. Enjoy! WooWoo This was our hotel - The Betsy. On Ocean Drive in South Beach/Miami. LOVED IT! betsy1 Here's pics of our hotel room, me in a gift shop & McCoy and I on the beach. Chillin'. LOVED MIAMI! betsy2betsy3betsy4betsy5 And more...pic of our hotel bar, me in South Beach & on the last day outside the hotel. Miss you SoBe! betsy6betsy7betsy9 But we were sooo happy to come home - look who met us at the airport! IT'S MURPHY!! OUR BOY! betsy10

08/12/2009 10:16AM
It's Wednesday & I can't sleep...
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08/12/2009 5:10PM
oh no, that sucks! and you have to face that scumbag in court?? I hope they throw the book at him! and don't worry about your b-day, have fun, live it to the fullest! hang in there... jeannie
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