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It's Monday...Can we go back to Saturday?

UGH! Monday. Usually I am all about Mondays & getting back to work...but NOT today. My body aches. Had a rough work out on Saturday & then partied like a RockStar on Saturday night. HA! So Sunday was all about laying on the couch. It was soo nice. But I would enjoy 1 more day of R&R. And Monday is perfect - especially a Monday like today where it's gonna be wet, rainy & cloudy all day. Oh well! I can nap later. After I go back to the gym at 1pm. HA! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. The weather was AMAZING! We went to Greek Fest Friday night, then kickball games all day Saturday & went out Saturday nightwith friends. Soo fun! My AllStar athlete of a husband played in a kickball tournament on Saturday. ALL DAY! They didn't win, but played great. They made it to the Final 4. I am a proud wife! They are a great team. And then on Sunday, McCoy went back out to the fields. This time - a baseball field. He played 2 games on Sunday. WHOA! He is the ultimate athlete - still going at 35. You go McCoy! Love ya'. McCoy's dad gave him a kick ass NIKON D90 camera for his birthday, so I decided to test it out on Satrday during kickball tourney. Check out these pics! I still have a lot to learn, but I love the camera. Even though it's really his... That's it for me today! Gonna go meet with the boss, wrap up some stuff at work & head to the gym. Talk to you tomorrow. PEACE OUT! WooWoo

05/17/2010 7:08AM
It's Monday...Can we go back to Saturday?
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05/19/2010 5:54AM
Sandra F Humphreys
I just cannot seem to get U guys on my cell & blocked by the Company 2 listen on Desktop. si gkad U R BACK! Hooters? today? 12 noon thru 1400? Janaf, right? Sandi
05/21/2010 5:17AM
I just think you are hilarious!! I love to listen to you and Chuck in the mornings as I take my nine year old to school and on my way to work!! I am so glad ya'll are back on mornings!!! Rock on Chuck and WooWoo!!!!!!!!
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