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Is Michael Jackson ALIVE?!

This is NEW video just released today...it's allegedly Michael Jackson WALKING out of the back of the LA Coroner's van in LA. The same van that picked up his body. YIKES! Rumor has it...MJ is still alive. What do you think?

08/25/2009 2:40PM
Is Michael Jackson ALIVE?!
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08/25/2009 2:54PM
i think this is so fake. if micheal was really alive they wouldnt have had him get out of the van with someone so close with a camera. the person recording this was obviously running and they would not have let the person get the footage. someone just wanted to get "famous" this footage
08/26/2009 10:46AM
I think its just someone playing a hoax on the media and anyone else that watches it...he's for sure gone... JK
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