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I need a car - what else is new?

So this weekend is GO TIME for a new car for me! Yay! After being hit a couple of months ago & having my beloved 1991 hoopty Ford Explorer destroyed...its time for WooWoo to put on her big girl pants & buy a car. For the record: I'VE NEVER HAD A CAR PAYMENT! So yeh, I am kinda freaking out. And I have to thank McCoy's Granny for letting me borrow her beautiful Mercedes Benz every now & again to get around town. And more get to work. You'd be listening to the "Chuck & Chuck" show if it weren't for Granny. She's the BEST!!! So now its decision time. I think I definitely want a mid-size SUV. I loved my FORD EDGE - when I did that car endorsement for WYNNE FORD a couple of years ago, I did not want to give that Edge back. Loved it! So I am thinking these are my Top 3 picks for a new/used car: 1.) FORD EDGE 2.) GMC ACADIA 3.) CHEVY EQUINOX Let me know what you think! I would looove some feedback for those who own 1 of these 3 cars, or used to won them. Or test drove one. Send me an email:WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I'm headed to the grocery store now. I'm craving a PB&J for lunch with some Baked Lays. YUMMY! And sometimes...I put the chips on the sandwich. Gives it a little crunchy-crunch. DELISH! XOXO, WooWoo

07/20/2010 8:09AM
I need a car - what else is new?
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