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I have issues...with caffeine! July 24, 2009

It's FRIDAY! Woo Hoo. How excited are you? I know around our office today - everybody is in a good GREAT mood. People are smiling, opening doors for one another and...my co-worker Andy Kim just gave me a 30% off coupon to Banana Republic. SCORE! I started the morning off with a walking-jog to Starbucks on Colley Avenue. I couldn't run too fast because Murphy the Wonderdog was with me...MURPHY!!! murphy15 I met my girlfriend Stefanie, her adorable daughter Mia, their dog Brody & my other girlfriend Kristi there this morning. At 7:30AM!! And that was after a night of fun at The Wine House. How much fun? Well - I guess our waiter was drunk. Check out the picture he took. Umm...it's blurry!! WTF! woopics-430 I'm in the back...on the right. That's Stef in the yellow dress, Kristi in the blue tank & Lauren in the printed blouse. Bad pic. Great Girls Night Out!! So onto my caffeine addiction...I realized it was an issue when I caught my-self staring at 3 cans of Red Bull & a Diet Coke on my desk today. Don't believe me? Here's the proof... woopics-433 Granted - 2 of the Red Bulls are for my co-worker Anna. But still - I can't not drink Diet Coke. Or Sugar Free Red Bulls. I neeeed them. And look at that poor lonely water bottle in the back. He just wants some love...but he won't get it! Anybody else have these issues? I would drink more water, but it's so...tasteless. And boring. Diet Coke & Red Bull are fun! And come in cool cans! And have cool ad campaigns! And give me wings! And water...it just doesn't do that. Someone needs to come up with a sexy ad campaign for water. It's not exciting enough to drink. OK - I will stop now. Check out the HollyWooWoo Report today - it's in video form! Oooh La La! TGIF! Have a great weekend. XOXO, WooWoo

07/24/2009 9:28AM
I have issues...with caffeine! July 24, 2009
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