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I am sleepy.

firewater Hey there friends. Somebody pour a bucket of water on me - cause I am on FIRE!!! HA! 4 days in a row of blogging. Hell Yes! I love it. And thanks so much for reading. Boy am I sleepy today. We ended up going out last night - McCoy and I. Went to Red Star at Town Center in VB for a friend's bday party. 3 glasses of wine later...and 1 cheeseburger. It was a great night! Had a lot of fun. Thought I would wake up this morning with a bad hangover, but not so much. In fact, I felt great. I woke up at 5am - took Murphy the WonderDog out & changed into my yoga clothes. Yep - went to the 6am Hot Yoga class at Hot House Yoga in Norfolk. Awww!! It was amazing. My arms and legs feel great. I can feel the "jello arms" going buh-bye... But since I woke up at 5am, and had about 5 hours of sleep, I am exhausted! So tired right now. Sipping coffee as I type.... Here's me with the birthday boy...Jamie. This is a pic of us after a kickball game this summer. Thus the reason my legs are tan as hell. Wow. Go easy on the self tanner next summer Woo. Anyway - We were doing the Molly Shannon/SNL skit "I'm 50!...I like to kick, stretch, I'm 50!" jamie mollyshannon OH! And if you read above about my cheeseburger & wine consumption, it wasn't part of my 2010 "Get Fit Program". Wine is empty calories, and a cheeseburger?! Really WooWoo - soooo bad for you. But hold that thought friends...I ate the cheeseburger with NO bun. And - I didn't touch the fries that came on the side. Didn't have 1. And I never turn down a fry. But I am in 2010. Took a pic with my Blackberry to prove to you that I ate NO fries. Check this out - that's my plate of un-eaten fries. And see that fork & little left over burger bits? Yep - ate the burger with a knife & fork. No carbs in that bun for me!! fries OK! Time to wake up & hop on the air. Talk to you later, WooWoo

01/07/2010 12:40PM
I am sleepy.
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