So I have been a homeowner, along with my fiance, for almost 1 week. I have already discovered the 5 worst things about being a homeowner. Too begin, I want to say that I definitely don't take for granted the fact that I can BE a homeowner, but apparently I just overlooked or was not prepared for some of it haha.

1.) Painting over the wall colors of the previous residents, who I am assuming were blind. I mean, come on. One room was the exact same color of the Scotch painters' tape. Also, one room had a different color on each wall! Burnt yellow, blood red, roya blue, and lime green. What were they thinking?? 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint later... HEAVEN
2.) Neighbors. So we met the neighbors on the right side of us. Very nice older couple who had been there for about 20 years. Good news. HOWEVER, the neighbors on the left... I think are ghosts. They come in and out of their house but we still haven't been able to catch sight of them! They also have a wicked privacy fence. Maybe this is where all of the bigfoots live... can see that they were/are there but can never get a decent glimpse! Hmm...
3.) Neighbors cont... You will NEVER judge more than when you purchase a home. Every person, yard, court, and pet in our court we can't help but scrutinize. "He looks sketchy" "I wonder if she picks up after her dog? Nope, she doesn't"  "Why does that driveway have so many cars in it?" "She looks a little cougar like, you better stay away babe" It never ends haha. You get so concerned with the people that now surround your sanctuary that it can be exhausting!
4.) Dogs. To begin, I LOVE dogs. One of the reasons we liked this neighborhood was because everytime we looked at a house in it there were tons of people out walking their dogs. Fantastic. However, I have a morsel sized dog and my neighbors have 2 large, loud, seemingly angry dogs. They jump on our fence and ROCK it. Remedy? Haven't figured it out yet without becoming "THOSE" people.
5.) Furniture. Furniture is a struggle!! Buying something then finding out it doesn't look right or fit. Even AFTER you did measurements. I don't understand how it happens haha. So we have outside furniture inside of our house for now! And this beautiful trunk I bought at TJ MAXX Homegoods. The furniture struggle is real...

More to come! Advice and commentary would be great :D

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07/23/2014 11:49AM
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