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HollyWooWoo Report
Jnaury 21st 2015

Happy HumpDay! Hope you are off to a wonderful Wednesday. In Hollywood - here's what's happening:

The New Kids on the Block are going on tour! You read that right ... NKOTB is going on tour. WOO HOO!! FlashBack to the 90s. Joey Mac was my boy. The tour will also include TLC and Nelly. Love it! And grab your calendar (and your Credit Card!) NKOTB will make a concert stop in Norfolk on June 9th at SCOPE. Tickets go On Sale January 31st. Despite the fact that I will be 9 months pregnant - I will be there!

Comedy Central will roast Justin Bieber ... and then put him in between 2 Graham Crackers. HA HA! No - not really. But they will roast him. No details have been released ... other than it will be filmed in LA & comedians will roast Justin about the egging incident, his romance with Selena Gomez and his controversial Calvin Klein ads.

During the President's State of the Union address last night (I was watching 'Shark Tank' - sorry POTUS) the 1st Lady wore a gorrrrgeous Michael Kors suit. It was like black and white & totally stylish! Well one watcher realized the same suit was worn by actress Julianna Marguilles on the TV show 'The Good Wife". Michelle has really good taste! The suit retails for around $1000. 

And finally - the BIG news everyone will be talking about at work today isn't HollyWood News, but it does involve a handsome quarterback with HollyWood Hair. I'm talking about Tom Brady & #DeflateGate. The NFL confirmed the Patriots played with deflated balls last week. No word from the Patriots. No word on what the fine will be. No comment from Brady...but who knew? Giselle likes deflated balls. HA!

Have a great day!

HollyWooWoo Report

The HollyWooWoo Report
Friday, July 26, 2013

New Movies:

The Wolverine – Summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, Wolverine becomes embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons. Stars Hugh Jackman. Rated PG-13.

The To Do List – Feeling pressured to become more “experienced” before she goes to college, a young woman makes a list of things to accomplish before hitting campus in the fall. Stars Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Rachel Bilson, Donald Glover & Andy Samberg. Rated R. STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT, DRUG & ALCOHOL USE & LANGUAGE.

Fruitvale Station - The true story of Oscar, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident, who crosses paths with friends, enemies, family, and strangers on the last day of 2008. He was detained and killed by police, which was caught on video. Stars Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz. Rated R.

Blue Jasmine (Limited release) - A life crisis causes a woman to head to San Francisco, where she reconnects with her sister. Stars Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Cannavale and Andrew Dice Clay. Rated PG-13.

‘Glee' holds Cory Monteith memorial for cast, crew, “Finn” to die

The cast and crew of "Glee" held a memorial Thursday for Cory Monteith, who died earlier this month of an overdose. The show plans a tribute episode that will address the death of his character, Finn. "Glee" is set to begin its fifth season Sept. 26.

Amanda Bynes' Parents Mull Over Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes' parents are hoping to get a conservatorship today. The court order would grant legal control of her personal and financial affairs. They must prove their daughter is a danger to herself and others for the order to be granted. She is in a mental facility.

Amanda Bynes’ brain needs rewiring, appears to have personality disorder

Amanda Bynes has been assigned her own room after being abusive to her roommate. Her doctors say she has personality disorder. She’s fine a few hours, then loses control of her behavior. She is being treated for schizophrenia, & will be hospitalized another 2 weeks.

Warrant seeks wife of bounty hunter 'Dog'

An arrest warrant has been issued in Colorado for the wife of TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman. She is accused of verbally harassing a teenager. Attorneys for Beth Chapman say she did nothing wrong. The alleged harassment took place July 10 at a lake.

Lady Gaga to perform at MTV Video Music Awards

Lady Gaga will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards next month. It will be one of her first appearances since having hip surgery in February. She will perform her new single live from the Barclays Center. Her new album ARTPOP is out Nov. 11.



Mary J. Blige to release Christmas album

Mary J. Blige will release her first holiday album in October. Her record label described "A Mary Christmas" as Blige's "soulful interpretation of classic holiday tunes." This marks her 11th studio album since 1992. In two decades, she has sold more than 50 million records.

Sylvester Stallone to play Rocky in new movie 'Creed'

Sylvester Stallone will reprise Rocky Balboa in a film about the grandson of his late rival and friend. Rocky will serve as a mentor to Apollo Creed's grandson in "Creed." Michael B. Jordan will play the younger boxer. Stallone, now 67, has played Rocky in six movies.

Kristen Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti Split

Kristen Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti have decided to split up after dating for 18 months. A rep says their parting is amicable. Strokes drummer Moretti dated Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Dunst before getting together with the SNL comedienne.

TLC debuts film trailer, announces album due this fall

TLC plans to release a greatest-hits collection Oct. 15, which will include new tunes. Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Lil Mama, Drake and J. Cole will be contributors. The new material will be TLC's first since 2002's ‘3D’. The TLC Story, a biopic, is set to premiere on VH1 Oct. 21.

Brad & Angelina’s family SUV broken into at paintball park

A man broke into Brad & Angelina’s SUV and stole 2 high-priced Apple tablets. They were at a paintball park in California. Security guards took him down and returned the stolen items. The park manager gave Maddox and his bodyguard free food and other stuff.

Timbaland Apologizes To Chris Brown Over Aaliyah Project Comments

Timbaland has apologized to Chris Brown after he criticized the R&B star for featuring late singer Aaliyah on a track. The tune “Don't Think They Know” features vocals she recorded before her death. Timbaland said “Aaliyah's music only works with its soul mate…me."

Frank Ocean Suffers Tear to Vocal Cord

Frank Ocean has canceled his sold-out Australian tour after suffering with throat problems on opening night. A trip to the doctors has revealed he has a tear to one of his vocal chords. He closed the show without an encore. He has been told he must rest his voice.

Flavor Flav: no more chicken and ribs as last restaurant closes

Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs has fried its last drumstick. The fast food location in Michigan has been evicted for non-payment of rent. The other locations in Las Vegas and Iowa have also closed down. Flav would only say he left the day-to-day operations to his partners.

07/26/2013 9:29AM
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