HollyWooWoo Report

HollyWooWoo Report
Jnaury 21st 2015

Happy HumpDay! Hope you are off to a wonderful Wednesday. In Hollywood - here's what's happening:

The New Kids on the Block are going on tour! You read that right ... NKOTB is going on tour. WOO HOO!! FlashBack to the 90s. Joey Mac was my boy. The tour will also include TLC and Nelly. Love it! And grab your calendar (and your Credit Card!) NKOTB will make a concert stop in Norfolk on June 9th at SCOPE. Tickets go On Sale January 31st. Despite the fact that I will be 9 months pregnant - I will be there!

Comedy Central will roast Justin Bieber ... and then put him in between 2 Graham Crackers. HA HA! No - not really. But they will roast him. No details have been released ... other than it will be filmed in LA & comedians will roast Justin about the egging incident, his romance with Selena Gomez and his controversial Calvin Klein ads.

During the President's State of the Union address last night (I was watching 'Shark Tank' - sorry POTUS) the 1st Lady wore a gorrrrgeous Michael Kors suit. It was like black and white & totally stylish! Well one watcher realized the same suit was worn by actress Julianna Marguilles on the TV show 'The Good Wife". Michelle has really good taste! The suit retails for around $1000. 

And finally - the BIG news everyone will be talking about at work today isn't HollyWood News, but it does involve a handsome quarterback with HollyWood Hair. I'm talking about Tom Brady & #DeflateGate. The NFL confirmed the Patriots played with deflated balls last week. No word from the Patriots. No word on what the fine will be. No comment from Brady...but who knew? Giselle likes deflated balls. HA!

Have a great day!

HollyWooWoo Report

The HollyWooWoo Report
Friday May 31st 2013

TGIF! We made it to the freakin' weekend ... and here's what's happening in Hollywood:

We often hear about actors in Hollywood going to rehab for alcohol addiction. Maybe they are addicted to cocaine - or sleeping pills - some are even addicted to the S-E-X.
Well ... super talented actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman just revealed he completed 10 days in rehab for an addiction to HEROIN!!!! WHAT?! Isn't that cray-cray? He said he is clean & sober now. 10 days & he quit the smack? Pretty impressive.

So what do you do when you start sleeping with your MARRIED co-star, cheat on your husband & ruin 2 marriages? You write a TV show about it!!! DUH!! Country star Leann Rimes & her 2nd husband Eddie Cibrian have written a TV show based on what they call "our reality". Ummm ... that's a homewrecking reality. HA! And even weirder ... Leann & Eddie will play themselves in the show. What the what?!

One and D-O-N-E! Mariah Carey & Nikki Minaj are NOT returning as judges on 'American Idol'. Both divas have bowed out after 1 season. And both say it's because they are "focusing on their music". Mariah was paid around $20 million dollars for her work on the show - Nikki made about $9 million. Rumor has it producers want to get ride of Keith Urban too & bring back Jennifer Lopez along with 2 former Idol winners.

Actress Amanda Bynes has ignited another Twitter war - this time telling gossip blogger Perez Hilton to go to you know where. She also lashed out against NSYNC boy bander Lance Bass. Amanda was recently caught on camera wandering through traffic in Buffalo, NY. Not only is it scary because she is roaming through traffic ... she claims to NOT be Amanda Bynes & NOT be in Buffalo. This is sad...she needs help ASAP!!!

Oprah addressed graduates yesterday at Harvard University ... she spoke about gun control & immigration ... gave life advice & in true Oprah fashion screamed "OMG! I'm at Harvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard"!!!! Do you remember who spoke at your commencement speech?

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05/31/2013 6:22AM
HollyWooWoo Report
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