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HollyWooWoo Report
Jnaury 21st 2015

Happy HumpDay! Hope you are off to a wonderful Wednesday. In Hollywood - here's what's happening:

The New Kids on the Block are going on tour! You read that right ... NKOTB is going on tour. WOO HOO!! FlashBack to the 90s. Joey Mac was my boy. The tour will also include TLC and Nelly. Love it! And grab your calendar (and your Credit Card!) NKOTB will make a concert stop in Norfolk on June 9th at SCOPE. Tickets go On Sale January 31st. Despite the fact that I will be 9 months pregnant - I will be there!

Comedy Central will roast Justin Bieber ... and then put him in between 2 Graham Crackers. HA HA! No - not really. But they will roast him. No details have been released ... other than it will be filmed in LA & comedians will roast Justin about the egging incident, his romance with Selena Gomez and his controversial Calvin Klein ads.

During the President's State of the Union address last night (I was watching 'Shark Tank' - sorry POTUS) the 1st Lady wore a gorrrrgeous Michael Kors suit. It was like black and white & totally stylish! Well one watcher realized the same suit was worn by actress Julianna Marguilles on the TV show 'The Good Wife". Michelle has really good taste! The suit retails for around $1000. 

And finally - the BIG news everyone will be talking about at work today isn't HollyWood News, but it does involve a handsome quarterback with HollyWood Hair. I'm talking about Tom Brady & #DeflateGate. The NFL confirmed the Patriots played with deflated balls last week. No word from the Patriots. No word on what the fine will be. No comment from Brady...but who knew? Giselle likes deflated balls. HA!

Have a great day!

HollyWooWoo Report

The HollyWooWoo Report 
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

Court date set for Kim Kardashian's divorce

Kim Kardashian will have to wait until February for divorce court. Her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days - and they are still legally married!! Crazy, right? Why the hold up? Well KK & KK can't agree on how to end it. She wants a divorce, he wants an annulment for fraud. And he wants her money!!! Meanwhile - Kim's boyfriend, Kanye West, wants him out of her life!

Brooke Mueller back in rehab for Adderall addiction

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife & Baby Momma Brooke Mueller is back in rehab. For like the 50th time. I am not joking! She has confessed she has an addiction to Adderall, commonly used to treat ADD. And commonly used to keep you focused with a side effect of staying thin. Last Friday night - she OD’d!! She also had a low-level of alcohol in her system, but not enough to trigger a probation violation.

Adele May Face Fine After Failing to Register Baby

It's been 51 days since Adele gave birth...and she is gonna be in TROUBLE! Rolling in the deep for sure. HA! She and fiancé Simon will soon likely receive warning letters from their London government because they have not registered their new baby within the 42-day limit. They could be fined $1,600. I think she can afford it! And you know what else is weird - Adele has not released any details about her newborn son - we don't know his name nore what he looks like. He is under lock & key!

Busy Philipps Is Pregnant

Congrats to 1 of my favorite TV actresses... Busy Philipps is set to be a mom again. She and husband Marc Silverstein are expecting their 2nd child next year. She posted an image of a positive pregnancy test on her Twitter account and wrote, "So this happened..." Daughter Birdie is 4. YAY! Great news. I love her on "Cougar Town".

LeAnn Rimes admits she could have handled affair 'differently'

LeAnn Rimes sat down for a rare TV interview to talk about her stint in rehab & her torrid affair! An affair that ruined 2 marriages! She admitted she could have handled her lusty affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian differently. She said: 'All I wish is that everybody we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy.” The interview aired Sunday on E! Network Channel 41.

Charlie Sheen: 'Lindsay Lohan Hasn't Said Thanks For Loan'

Charlie Sheen is still waiting for a thank you from Lindsay Lohan. He loaned her $100,000 to help pay her debts. He said the payment was money she was owed from a project. He says, "She's a very good, decent young lady going through a lot. I wish her the best.”


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12/11/2012 7:06AM
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