Hello to YOU, friend.

Well HELLO THERE =) It's my first blog EVER! First I'd like to say THANK YOU so much for all the love I've been receiving since I started filling in for WooWoo while she is out. You all have been MORE than kind. I feel like I should let you know a few things about me that well, make me who I am::

First. I LOVE football. Especially the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes sir.

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. "Nerd alert!" But seriously, I can quote the movies line for line.

I have a sick addiction to chocolate. It's sad to say but I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is clearly not recommended and/or healthy. But if you want to win me over, give me a cadbury egg. I'll be yours forever.

I grew up in Va Beach, born and raised and graduated from Green Run High School, Class of 2001 baby! Go Stallions! I love music and you'll ALWAYS catch me singing SOMETHING. I love infomercials! My favorite is the Showtime Rotisserie BBQ! "SET IT AND FORGET IT!" HAHA! I WILL own one....

I know TV isn't healthy, but I do watch a lot of it. My DVR is my best friend. (Hey! I'd rather be  doing that than out at the bar getting sloshed.) Unfortunately, I love reality shows. All kinds. If I give ANY reality show 5 minutes, I'll get hooked, quick. Right now I LOVE Top Chef, Bad Girls Club, HOUSE, Hot in Cleveland, Anthony Bourdain and yes, Jersey Shore. I can't help it!!

(Don't get me wrong, I do watch educational programming too. Shout out to the Discovery and History Channel.)

I can't wait to update more and more. Hopefully I've given you a little insight into who I am, a big nerd LOL! Talk with you soon!

Devin =)

03/30/2011 7:25AM
Hello to YOU, friend.
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