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Hawk got your dog...

OK - so here's pics of the red tail hawk that wanted to make my dog Murphy lunch yesterday. It all happened around 12 noon @ Maury High School. I was playing ball with Murphy when the hawk swooped in TWICE over Murphy...and wanted to snatch him up. OMG! I am never letting Murphy outside again. YIKES! Can I call Animal Control? To..."relocate" the hawk?! Here's my love bug of a dog...MURPHY!!! DSC01026 And here's the evil hawk that wanted to eat my MurphyPoo!!! EEK! DSC01060 DSC01061 RedTailedHawk

11/30/2009 3:26PM
Hawk got your dog...
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12/01/2009 2:12PM
Teri Kepner
Regarding the food service industry from Tuesday afternoon. First I want to say most fine dining, independent restaurants with culinary trained chefs and pastry chef's always, I repeat always have freshly made entrees and baked goods. The restaurants like the Blue Talon, the Trellis, etc. Do not even have microwaves in their kitchens. Everything is freshly made and cooked to order. Bon Apetite
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