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Happy Halloween 10.30.2009

halloween Happy Halloween! Almost...I was a little late to work this morning because:
  1. I was glued to the TV watching "Live with Regis & Kelly's Halloween Special".
  2. I stayed up too late baking Halloween cupcakes with my girlfriend Pamela!
  3. I had to carry about 6 trays of food (1 by 1) to the car this morning.
But it was all worth it!! Holidays bring out the best in me. I was just chatting with my co-worker Tricia S. about how I HATE cooking, but I love to bake. Tricia said she's the opposite. She loves to cook, hates to bake. And I love to decorate for the holidays too. My secret weapon is the DOLLAR TREE! Anything and everything for $1 dollar. I spent $19 bucks at the Dollar Tree on Laskin yesterday. But got SOO MUCH! Halloween tablecloth, napkins, candy, pumpkin bowls. Love it. So wanna see what I baked? Check out the pics. This is the spread I put out in the kitchen at our radio station offices. YUMMMMMMY! And 100% fat free, calorie free & sugar free. Yeh right. I wish! DSC00638DSC00639 DSC00640DSC00641 DSC00642DSC00644 Pics I took with my Blackberry of Pamela & I cooking..well, she's eating. And I'm licking icing that fell off the mini-ghost cakes. Oops! pamela me Are you drooling yet? Don't you wish you could just eat the computer screen? Mmmmm...So far - the cupcakes are a hit at work. But everyone is raving about the "CandyCornBark". It's a recipe I found on another radio DJ's blog. She (LisaPaige in NYC - cuuutie!) posted the recipe for the bark on her blog and I about fell out of my chair. I HAD TO MAKE IT! And it was soo easy. No baking required. I was sold. CLICK HERE for the recipe. Thanks LP! OK - off to do some work & figure out how I can burn off these calories while I sit here and type. 1 cupcake down, 1 more to go. Maybe. Happy Halloween! WooWoo (or maybe I should be BOO BOO today!)

10/30/2009 8:22AM
Happy Halloween 10.30.2009
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11/05/2009 6:00PM
hey i just wanted to no what happen with the diary u use to read i missed alot of it and wanted to no if i could read it? please let me know
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