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Good Life.

As I type this - I'm listening to that song. "Good Life" by Kanye West. Don't get me wrong - I love the music we play on the POINT. However - I have an addiction to pop/hiphop/rap/Top 40 music. Kanye, Keri Hilson, The Black Eyed Peas, JayZ, Rihanna, etc. I could go on & on. My IPOD is loaded with all this stuff - it's great to run to. Pumps you up! kanye-westblackeyedpeasjayz Happy Friday by the way...TGIF! I was supposed to be in Williamsburg tomorrow morning at 10am - which means up at 6am, leave the house by 8am and PRAY that there's no traffic. BUT...I just found out I don't have to go. WOO HOO! So tonight - were going out. A massive group of us. What started as me hanging out with 3 girlfriends and McCoy, has turned into a HUGE party of people. Coordinating cabs, where to meet, what to wear. HA! I love it when nights just come together like this. We plan on hitting up Watermans at the Oceanfront - ORANGE CRUSHES! And then heading down to Catch 31 at the Hilton. The rest of the weekend, I hope to just lay low. See a movie, go to the mall, read US Weekly and hope that it rains. I love the rain on a lazy weekend. But please - NO RAIN TONIGHT! watermans-01orangecrushcatch31 Hope ya'll enjoy your weekend too! Be safe. Have fun. Talk to ya' Monday. XOXO, WooWoo

08/28/2009 10:01AM
Good Life.
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08/28/2009 10:24AM
OMG...I love, love, love Waterman's Orange Crushes!! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Friday night, and fabulous weekend!! We will be having beers in support of our Norfolk Tides!!! GO TIDES!:)
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