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Getting out and having fun with The kiddos again!

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So this year, as the kids get bigger...somehow the play-place at Chick-Fil-a and trips to Chuck-E-Cheese sadly are not getting the squeals I was used to...then it hit me...MY KIDS ARE GETTING BIGGER.  While I enjoy skee-ball, Charlie and Theresa are looking for bigger challenges.  ...and with that mind, it was time for me to put on the magic creative hat and find some new adventures.   Luckily for me, I have a strong cache of friends who are always sharing ideas....and this past weekend, we went ROLLERSKATING!!!   

It was fun and though at first they both were excited...when we got out on the floor, the reality that the only thing between them and hard floor was 4 pieces of rubber and a bad judgment in balance, they both got a little apprehensive....but I urged them to keep at it.  I skated with them both, giving the finer pointers of push and roll.  By the time we left...they both were asking when we could come back.'s just a matter of sticking with it, as I said.

We also have gotten in to Kiting...while Theresa likes the single line type, I picked up a sport kite with 2 lines that can do loops and crazy figure 8's for Charlie and I....while the wind at the park didn't really cooperate with us 100 percent, we had a great time and I brought some foam gliders in the bag of stuff as well so the kids launched them off the side of the hill at Mt. Trashmore on a bright Sunday afternoon.  

As the weather breaks here in the 7 Cities and we get ready for another spring, I look forward to seeing you out and about...STAY FROSTY, PEOPLE!!!


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02/28/2012 7:19AM
Getting out and having fun with The kiddos again!
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