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Flipping for flats...and U2!

Happy HumpDay...AKA Wednesday. I am almost 1 week away from seeing U2 in concert @ Scott Stadium on the campus of UVA. My husband McCoy and I are soo excited! I'm bringing my girlfriend Pamela too. And McCoy is on the hunt for 1 other friend to join us. Best of all - we will be traveling to the U2 concert in style. Not driving the 3 hours to Charlottesville in my 1991 clunker...we will be driving there in a 2010 Volkswagen Touraeg from CASEY IMPORTS!! Thank you Russ - YOU DA' MAN! CLICK HERE for info about the cool cars at CASEY! vwu2 Besides the excitement I can't contain about the car, the concert and possibly the chance to meet BONO...I am soo excited that Fall has *almost* arrived. Granted - it's 80 degrees today - I can't wait til' I can start wearing big sweaters, Ugg boots and flats. OMG! I am becoming obsessed with cute flat shoes. This coming from a girl who lives in 4 inch platforms. There are soo many CUTE FLATS that I want...I NEED! Better start working harder & making $$$. Here's some flats that I'm determined to squeeze my feet into: stevemadden12 samedelman OK - that's it for now...there are SO MANY MORE!!! But I just realized I am running late. Have a lunch meeting at 12pm today with some lovely ladies from CHKD. Planning the Holly Festival of Trees event. YAY! I will give you more details on that soon too. Have a grrrrrrreat day!! XOXO, WooWoo

09/23/2009 7:14AM
Flipping for flats...and U2!
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09/24/2009 11:08AM
ok, now I have met my fair share of celebrities, (my sister was one of the main characters on Days of Our Lives and she was also on 4 episodes of the 'old' Melrose Place) but if you meet Bono I will be soooooooo jealous! LOL have a great time and you better post photos!!!!! JK
09/24/2009 11:51AM
Hey Woo Woo! I just started listening to the show on a more regular basis since we play the Point at work, and just have to say that I am really glad you guys talk about every day stuff your listeners can relate to. Also, I too have a puppy named Murphy! My Murphy is a 10 month old chocolate lab puppy and I love him to pieces- adopted him from the VB Animal Control at 10 weeks. Thanks again for all you do!
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