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Fishing and making "Stone Soup"


I just had a great afternoon at The Ocean View pier that I wanted to share with you.

First, My kids are at camp this week and I miss them terribly already. So I decided to go fishing at the Ocean View pier after work this morning. It was a hot day, but, the tide was on its way out and I knew that I would at least catch a few fish... Hopefully taking my mind off the obvious.

I got out and the catching was, indeed nice. Six nice sized croaker in about ten minutes. Not bad.

A Grandmother and her two children arrived on the pier. Within a few minutes I could tell they were unreasonably unequipped for their outing today. Small poles with standard freshwater rigs...but respectfully, I watched. 

After seeing them catch nothing for a while, I walked over, introduced myself, and offered to help. Their Grandmother said "Thank you, Sir" and agreed to let me help. 

I re-strung, and rigged their poles gratis with bottom weights, hooks, and bait. Then, magic happened.

Fish after fish, the two Grandchildren screamed " I've got one I got one", as my pole rested dormant. They filled 1/4 of my bucket with 17 additional croaker and spot. I just kept running from pole to pole, unhooking fish, re-baiting, and happy to see the two tykes "nailing" a solid day's catch. 

Then, a few hours later, I realized I had to leave. I told them to keep my bucket and my catches as a reward for such a great day. Then Grandma reached for her purse. 

"Let me give you something for your time, Chuck", she said. 

"You already have," I said. "Thank you for lending me your Grandchildren for a few minutes" I replied. 

I could see her face quivering. It was getting uncomfortable for her as she spoke. " I prayed to God for an Angel to help me today; I know how to cook them, but, not how to catch them since their Grandfather passed."

"With my highest respects, Ma'am. Have a fantastic day. Thank you for taking these boys fishing", is all I could muster. 

Folks, I am not saying give it ALL away...but once in a while when you do...God gives you just what you need to fill the whole for you, and the belly for others. 

Blessed are we.

07/15/2013 10:21AM
Fishing and making "Stone Soup"
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07/15/2013 9:37PM
Sweet :)
Chuck, thanks for sharing such a touching story! You never know when a small gesture or a few minutes of your time can be just the blessing someone needs. And we get so much more in return.
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