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HAPPY HUMPDAY! AKA - WEDNESDAY. FIRST OFF - YES I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPS. I OFTEN DO...AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M ANGRY OR TOO LAZY TO "UN-CAPS IT"...I JUST HAVE A WEIRD OBSESSION WITH CAPS LOCK. See - doesn't this look crappy? Well - it does for me. But just to make you (and my husband) happy...I will type in lower case from now on. Chuck & I are On-Air I can't type much. Just wanted to share 3 Things. They are... 1.) My glutes hurt from all the squats I did at Gold's Gym yesterday. But it's a good pain, right? 2.) Thank the Lord!! That little girl who was abducted in VB was found safe & un-harmed today in Newport News. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about....CLICK HERE! Wow - prayers were answered. 3.) Please friend me - and Chuck, Barry McKay, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Iverson and the rest of the POINT crew on Facebook. We are "949THEPOINT" Tell your mom, your Granpad, your sister, and cousins to become our friend. THANKS! CLICK HERE for a direct link to our exclusive 94.9 THE POINT FACEBOOK page. Gotta get back to work now! XOXO, Woo

07/15/2009 3:05PM
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07/28/2009 5:38AM
McCoy looks "fine" as a black man in that one photo. you got it all going on woo-woo. What more could you ask for ? LOL cathleen
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