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Excited for U2! Aren't you, too?

It's 9:09pm right now...Thursday night. I got home from work an hour ago. And as I was about to sit on the couch, eat a Hot Pocket and have a glass of wine...I realized we were out of laundry detergent!!! UGH. And I needed to wash laundry before leaving tomorrow for U2. So I walked in the front door, walked back out and drove to Harris Teeter. PS - Yeh, I said Hot Pocket. I am obsessed with them. And this new brand of wines called "Cupcake". The white wine is delish!  cupcake Tomorrow at this time - we will be at the U2 CONCERT!! YES! McCoy & I are leaving at 9am. Well, that's the plan. We have 2 pick up 2 friends on our way out of town. I want to get to the hotel/Charlottesville ASAP. And I am a schedule nazi. We must leave at 9am. And we must get to the hotel by 12 noon. If anyone is late - or needs too many potty breaks...I will FREAK OUT! Just the way I am when I travel...especially to see Bono. Pronounced BAH-NO. Not BO-NO. I seem to have trouble with that... bonoU2-360-tour-logoCharlottesvilleMap OK - now it's 9:55pm. I'm still blogging. Still doing laundry. And watching "CougarTown" on ABC. OMG! It's hysterical. My new fave show! Courtney Cox is hysterical. I love this show. YAY TV! And YAY U2! And YAY Casey Volkswagen! I can't thank those guys enough (You da' man Russ!). They let me borrow this kick ass 2010 Volkswagen Touraeg this week. And of course - were driving it to the U2 concert. It's such a sweet ride. And honestly - smoothest, bump free car I've ever driven. Especially since it's an SUV. Soo slick. Soo smooth. And soo roomy. The backseat is leg room heaven...McCoy & Tommy will appreciate that on the drive tomorrow. I will post pics & video of the car when we get back. Thanks again CASEY IMPORTS! CASEY VW! Love you guys. cougartown2009-Volkswagen-Touareg-Blu   Off to bed now...sweet dreams of The Edge are waiting for me. XOXO, Woo

09/30/2009 6:09PM
Excited for U2! Aren't you, too?
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