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new-years-resolution Tuesday people! Tuesday! Are you staying on track with your New Year's Resolutions?! Hmmm...be honest. I am. Except for occasional slice of pizza and the minor pig out session I had at a baby shower Saturday night. How can you say no to a mini corn dog? I can't. But its all about moderation - and not starvation. Of course - you should throw in some exercise too. And so far, so good for me! I'm staying on track with my Resolution to be healither & work out more. A lot more!! Wait - is alot 1 word, or 2? A lot or alot. Anyway...   I woke up at 6:30am this morning & was at the gym by 7am. McCoy & I have a friend named Dan, he's a personal trainer in Norfolk. (SideNote: I'm trying to get him on HR Perks - so you can get 1/2 priced personal training!!!) So I met with Dan this morning for an upper body work out, some cardio and abs. Holy crap - I feel amazing! I worked out with him Saturday...and my abs are still in pain. He's such an awesome trainer - and it makes such a big difference when you have 1 on 1 attention. PS - Did you check out Adventure Boot Camp? That Boot Camp I've been talking about in VB? That place kicks butt too - and it will whoop your butt into shape. CLICK HERE for info. eas So after my work out - Dan gave me some EAS powder to mix up and have for breakfast. I thought that EAS/GNC/Muscle Milk was only for meat-head dudes. I was wrong! Anyone can enjoy it. And it was good!!! Funny too - because in the world of radio, EAS stands for "Emergency Alert System". But in the world of health & fitness, EAS stands for "Energy Athletics Strength". I had the chocolate powder EAS shake. Blended it with 10 0unces of cold water. Yummy! I'm gonna buy some more on my lunch break today. Yes baby - look for WooWoo on the cover of SHAPE Magazine in 2011. That's my goal. Don't lose track of yours. Off to a meeting now! XO, WooWoo SHAPE

01/12/2010 8:38AM
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