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Think YOU'RE having a bad Monday?
........I bet you won't feel so bad after checking out these 22 People Who Are Having A Worse Monday Than You. Click HERE!
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This baby trying to fight sleep will make your day!
This is baby Leo! Watch how absolutely ADORABLE he is. I love that every time he wakes back up he has the cutest little smile on his face. Prepare yourself, it's REALLY STINKIN' CUTE!!

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What do I do when I get bored at work?
.......I go into the sales pit and take SELFIES of course! Seriously, I was so bored. I'm pretty sure Kyle, AKA DJ CANROCK, was getting annoyed with me. Because not only was I sitting right next to him while I took selfies, I also kept eating his nuts.

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about his Wasabi Almonds, which by the way, were delicious. I wonder where he keeps them.....I must investigate this when he leaves today. Shhhhh.....

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Deaf baby hears for the first time......grab your tissues
Here is your feel good video of the day. Watch as this adorable baby boy hears for the very first time. Try not to cry......but you probably will, and that's ok. It's emotional and so beautiful to see. Watch as he just takes in all the sounds and trys to process everything. So awesome. ENJOY =)

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