Kate Middleton sure is "sweet."

I love hearing stories of people who see amazing images on random items. Ya know, "Jesus' face on a cornflake," "the mother theresa cheeto" ETC.....well Kate Middleton is now being seen, ON JELLYBEANS! Here is the quick story:: Wesley Hosie of Somerset, England, is the owner of a precious jelly bean. The red and yellow bean contains a spitting image of Prince William's bride-to-be. Hosie told the Telegraph that when his girlfriend opened the jar of jelly beans the face of Kate Middleton was "literally lying there staring back at me." I gotta tell you though, the picture is pretty good. It looks JUST LIKE HER. I wonder if it's a hoax. What do you think? And yes, of course, it's already being sold on Ebay starting at $1,000!! SHEESH. Take a look at the picture. What do YOU think?
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Baby Fever?

It seems like everywhere I turn, SOMEBODY IS PREGNANT! We have 3 girls (at least that I know of) in the office ALONE that are preggers! Coincidently, their offices are located right next to one another in the hallway. We call that the "pregnant vortex." You have to be careful walking through it. Although, I think I've walked through it too many times because I'm craving pregnancy! IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT!? I'll be 28 years old this year and I think my body is naturally wanting a baby. (My mom is probably wondering what the H is wrong with me haha!) The funny thing is, I'm as single as they come. No sign of a baby at all, any time soon at least. Is this normal? LOL I hope so. I hope this isn't like when I went through my quarter-life crisis at 25. (I had one, I swear I did haha!) Don't worry, I'm not running out and looking for a husband to impregnate me. I plan to do it the right way. So, until I can have my own little mini me, here are two of my favorite laughing babies to help me get my baby fix. (Lord help me...)
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Time to donate to Goodwill.

Clothes, book, shoes, long as it is in good shape, Goodwill will take it! You've seen the signs, you've heard the name and maybe you've even gone in to look around. What people fail to realize is that people give away NICE things. Goodwill turns around and sells them for very affordable prices. I mean come on, a pair of designer jeans for $5?! I'LL TAKE IT! If you have things you want to donate, please take the time to gather them together and take them to your nearest Goodwill. Here is a little video::
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April Fool's Day!

I gotta be honest, i HATE April Fool's day. I'm incredibly gullible and ALWAYS seem to get pranked. NOT this year, I'm staying focused and keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. I refuse to be pranked. Have you done anything to somebody? Or had something crazy done to you on April Fool's Day? These pranks are some of my favorite. Enjoy!
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Hello to YOU, friend.

Well HELLO THERE =) It's my first blog EVER! First I'd like to say THANK YOU so much for all the love I've been receiving since I started filling in for WooWoo while she is out. You all have been MORE than kind. I feel like I should let you know a few things about me that well, make me who I am::

First. I LOVE football. Especially the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes sir.

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. "Nerd alert!" But seriously, I can quote the movies line for line.

I have a sick addiction to chocolate. It's sad to say but I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is clearly not recommended and/or healthy. But if you want to win me over, give me a cadbury egg. I'll be yours forever.

I grew up in Va Beach, born and raised and graduated from Green Run High School, Class of 2001 baby! Go Stallions! I love music and you'll ALWAYS catch me singing SOMETHING. I love infomercials! My favorite is the Showtime Rotisserie BBQ! "SET IT AND FORGET IT!" HAHA! I WILL own one....

I know TV isn't healthy, but I do watch a lot of it. My DVR is my best friend. (Hey! I'd rather be  doing that than out at the bar getting sloshed.) Unfortunately, I love reality shows. All kinds. If I give ANY reality show 5 minutes, I'll get hooked, quick. Right now I LOVE Top Chef, Bad Girls Club, HOUSE, Hot in Cleveland, Anthony Bourdain and yes, Jersey Shore. I can't help it!!

(Don't get me wrong, I do watch educational programming too. Shout out to the Discovery and History Channel.)

I can't wait to update more and more. Hopefully I've given you a little insight into who I am, a big nerd LOL! Talk with you soon!

Devin =)

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