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DDP & Nail Polish...

humpday YO! And Happy HumpDay to you. I feel like I sometimes have to clarify what "Hump Day" means. To some, it might mean the sex. But to me, HumpDay is Wednesday. Get it? You're almost "over the hump" and into the weekend. Friday. Get it? Yes? No? Whatever... And DDP - what's that? It's Diet Dr Pepper. Holy Crap I should endorse this delicious can of love. I swear - I used to drink the "other" Diet drink that rhymes with "smoke", but for the last 6 months...I've been feeding the soda machine at work with 65 cents so I can get a can of DDP. DDP=DietDrPepper. IT IS SOOO GOOD!!! I'm drinking one right now. Got it at the drive thru Chick-Fil-A. HA! Didn't even get food. Well, for my husband I did. But all I got was a medium DDP. Is that weird? Anyone else have a soda habit they can't quit? ddp And now onto nail polish...when I get off work tonight, I'm headed to Mac Center for 2 reasons.  Reason #1: I need to find my sister a pair of black wedge boots. Reason #2: I need to find some nail polish. And not just ANY nail polish. I'm on the hunt for MINT GREEN polish. Don't hate. I've never been a "french manicure" kinda girl. I like crazy wild colors on my nails's fun, different and easy as 1-2-3 to take off if I hate it. So mint green it is. I have an appt tomorrow at CHANGES CITY SPA in Norfolk. LOVE THEM! And they carry the OPI line of nail polish. So I am hoping they have the color if I can't find it. Here's some mint green polish examples: Essie "Mint Candy Apple" essie  OPI "Damone Roberts 1968" opimint Chanel "Jade" chaneljade And of green nail polish is all the rage in Hollywood. Check out actress Jessica Stroup from "90210" rockin' the mint green nails. LOVE IT! Soo excited for my mani/pedi tomorrow at Changes. PS - Boss man if you are reading this, I scheduled my appointment before work. 9am appointment actually. HA! 90210  PPS - The reason for the mani/pedi is because I'm hosting (Along with my buddy Taylor Franklin) the 27th Holly Festival of Trees for CHKD this weekend. It's gonna be soo much FUN! It's Friday night @ 7pm at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Tickets are still available if you wanna go. There's food, drinks, LIVE music from RockStar Parking & a whole bunch of XMAS trees to buy/bid on/stare at. It really is an amazing event that gets you in the Holiday Spirit. And - best of all - all the $$$ goes to the kids at CHKD. CLICK HERE for details and to buy your tickets. And email if you come WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I would love to meet ya'! My mom, dad, sister, husband and girlfriends will be there too. We decorated a tree 100% devoted to "TWILIGHT". It's kick ass!! I will definitely post pics next week. OK - That's all for now. XOXO, WooWoo

11/18/2009 12:32PM
DDP & Nail Polish...
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11/19/2009 10:33AM
Wow, whoever's fingers those are holding the green nail polish look like toes!
11/20/2009 12:53PM
Why'd you delete my "toe" comment, Woo Woo? They do look like little piggy toes.
08/23/2013 2:05AM
Love am in love with those nails;):)
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