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Chuck welcomes the Holidays a little early

So here is my deal, I am starting the Holidays early....that's right, I said it....EARLY. People normally complain that "I can't believe its just after Halloween and they already have the Christmas stuff out" this, I say BRING IT ON.   After all, has it not been one of the most callenging years for everyone?  Have you not noticed a few more grey hairs this year than last? Thats what I am sayin'  ....and it is with that spirit in mind, I am proclaiming an immediate move to the Holiday Spirit.    Luckily, this past weekend as the kids and I went out....the folks over at Bass Pro Shops in Hampton had the same idea.   Lots of toys for the kids to play with FOR FREE....they had a decoration workshop FOR FREE.... and then the big one.... Pictures with Santa....FOR FREE.   I love you Bass Pro Shops...thanks, you got a customer for life! First I had to get my daughter out of a box! Theresa in a Box Theresa was excited to see Santa!!! Excited to see Santa! We took a break from waiting in the line...which, was not bad for me...but for a 3 and 5 year old.... well, you get the point. Charlie and Theresa on The Nutcracker Behold...THE BIG GUY!!! Charlie, Theresa, and Santa! And, of course, I had the video camera....because, ya just gotta! PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIC I hope you have fun this season.  I hope your Holidays are awesome!  and I also hope that you, like me, decide to start the Holidays early!!! Much Love, --C

11/23/2009 8:15AM
Chuck welcomes the Holidays a little early
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11/23/2009 7:04PM
Debb Widman
Chuck I'm so excited to share in your yearly fundraiser for CHKD! I know this being our first year Small Businesses for Small Miracles will be a small contribution but we all have to start somewhere! It will be a pleasure meeting you and WooWoo on the 10th. Debb
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