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Chuck thanks...His Friends....

So Ive been dormant a while...that is to say, I have been dormant here; busy elsewhere. This past weekend, though, I got the kids out with a good friend of mine, Bob, and went to the peninsula for some Dad's and Kids fun. Our first stop was by Bass Pro Shop to see Santa; the line was huge but the kids were excited.  This is good news.  Then, we went to the Virginia War Museum in Hampton and then to the park just down the road.   My friend Bob and I have been talking about getting the kids together for a while now...and I was glad we did. We all have 'those people' who were there for us when things were not good.  3 years ago, after obvious events began, I was living in an RV outside a good friend's home in Virginia Beach.  Four months later, I moved to a 1 bedroom apartment complete with noisy neighbors, drafty windows, and nothing but an air mattress and a futon (for the kids)...six months after that, "Reverend Bob" (as I call him) rang my phone and asked me to lunch. I used to live near Bob and we always talked when we were neighbors...about 8 months ahead of me, he was in a similar situation and I continued contact with him...I had no idea what he would offer the day we met for lunch. It seemed his father had passed and left him a home in which he was residing which was "too much house for one guy" as he said.  "You have kids, I have a ton of room, a front and back yard, and the place is yours too if you want it". Long story short, because of a few changes, we wound up being room-mates (though we rarely saw each other).  I'd leave a check on the kitchen table and text him that it was there...he'd say thanks and the cycle continued for a while. Then after a few other changes, Bob came back full time and "The Seis Pack" was born. Our kids were already best friends from our previous everything just clicked.  We'd all go fishing or hiking or whatever and things just worked out.  2 years later...this was the best decision I made.  As Bob said himself "I don't know many people if I had to call 'roomate' that I could say I'd want around too long...but you've been awesome...ya clean up the place, I dont have to worry with both our kids in the picture, its a safe street; Im glad you're here, Mr. Doud" Reverend...I am as well...and thanks to everyone who has 'been there' for me, trusted me, and gave me a hand getting back up after the loss of a marriage and my consequent and temporary 'loss of hope'....Y'all gave me a hand....not a hand-out...but a hand. Thanks! --C

12/16/2010 11:39AM
Chuck thanks...His Friends....
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