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Chuck tells us why "an ounce of prevention" works...

So this weekend I spent some time catching up with Old Pals, laying around in bed till about 1030am (which I never do), and traveling all over Hampton Roads again… I just realized my new car is not fully a year old and already I have logged 21 thousand miles on it…HOLY COW. I wanted to wait to buy the extended warranty (they said I had until 30,000 miles to do so) and now there are only 9000 miles left to do so. DANG! I am a big proponent of the extended warranty offered by many manufacturers…especially FORD motors. …no I am not going to go on some special interest tirade about FORD or whatever…they have just done me right on the extended warranty in the past. …and when ya do me right, I talk about you. (others seem to wait till they are ‘done wrong’ to speak of people…I like to catch people doing RIGHT). The last car I owned was a Mercury Mountaineer (part of the Ford Family) and I had bought the extended warranty. For the longest time, I never even had to use it…but as the car neared the 100,000 mile mark…it saved me THOUSANDS in repairs as items that were covered by this ‘extended 100,000 mile warranty’ showed their age. When I did the math after a leaky intercooler cost me a transmission (which was covered), I saved almost 10,000 in total repairs…..for a 2500.00 warranty. Sure, 2500.00 is a ton of cash…but 10,000 was a lot more…and I did not have to pay but a $100.00 deductible on one job…so I saved over 7000.00! The math adds up. Of course, now I drive a modest, sporty, and 'economically sound' Ford I don't know if the warranty will cost the same or less...gotta check  So I have to call up to my dealership later to see what the price is…and then try to do some fancy footwork to get it done. Busy day today, which I like. Woo Woo comes home tomorrow so I will be interested to see how her trip went…her facebook has been quiet.

08/03/2009 7:03AM
Chuck tells us why "an ounce of prevention" works...
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