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Chuck takes a vacation: Pics and Video

So, for the first time in 7 years, I took an honest to goodness vacation.  I had originally planned to go to Niagara Falls, but, a friend of mine for the past 3 years suggested a cabin getaway to the Shenandoah Mountains would be just the trick. So there I was...4 days in a remote cabin atop of a mountainside in Page County, VA...not a neighbor for 2 miles...nature all around me...and it was exactly what I needed.   Here is the cabin I rented stayed in. I slept about 12 hours a day and didn't do 'much' aside from slide in to the day like a sloth.  I was in my Pajamas until about noon most days...I stayed up until 2:20am playing cards one night, and went in to the town of Luray for some local flavor and picture taking. The Town of Luray is one of those great little towns driven on tourism and a solid local hardworking crowd.  It sits at the base of the mountains and is also home to the Globally Acclaimed "Luray Caverns", an underground tourist attraction designed by Mother Nature over the past several million years.   It's definitely a must see. Go ahead and click on the image to see a larger rendition of this gorgeous cavern.  It was worth the 23 bucks for the tour, which, takes you on about a mile walk through the caverns.  I felt like I was in "The Lord of The Rings" in here...good stuff. After the caverns, I stopped by the Luray "Rain Garden" and Towne Park just outside the town on my way back to the cabin.  There was a nice stream full of little trout and this guy was getting some fresh sushi.  I watched him for a few minutes.  He would sit still and then SNAP...grab himself another trout.  Pretty awesome. At first I thought he was not 'real'...he just sat and waited...patient...and then he'd just pop his long neck out and enjoy more of the days fresh catch.  It was fantastic to watch as he would gulp down a trout and then go back 'mannequin style'.  He's my hero. After I got back from my 4 day sojourn to be one with nature, I picked the kids up for the remaining 5 days of my time off and we had our usual "BLAST' of a time. A good friend of mine is the best blueberry pie maker in the state and she had been suggesting I take the kids to Pungo Blueberries (a seasonal pick your own blueberry farm) and collect blueberries.  The deal was if we helped pick, she would do her magic on the pies.  So we there we were...about 8 pounds of blueberries later, it was pie time and true to form...her Blueberry Pie is unbeatable and Theresa got to help make it with her while Charlie and I caught up on iCarly on Nickelodeon. In case you have ever wondered what 8lbs of blueberries looks ya go. takes 4 people working like mad about 90 minutes to get this many blueberries.  I can see now why they cost so much at the store.   Here, they only charged about a $1.80 a pound.  Not bad!  8lbs from the store would have been upwards of 25 - 30 bucks for two pies.  This produced 2 very large blueberry pies with about a ziplock bag filled to the brim left over for pancakes, etc. The grand finally to several activities and excursions with the kids was our first ever fishing trip by flat bottom jon-boat.   Here is the visual candy from that trip which produced 7lbs of fish and a trip to last a lifetime.

08/22/2011 7:32AM
Chuck takes a vacation: Pics and Video
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