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Chuck spends time with his kids and Barack Obama!

So I am sitting here at the desk, sipping on a nice chop of double shot coffee and staring at the computer screen.   I am mad at myself for eating two donuts this morning.   Since stopping the smoking, I sure am eating more and it bothers me.   On the upside, it’s coming up on 2 months not smoking.   Downside…about 7lbs on my gut.


The kids and I spent the morning running around the house with a Barack Obama mask on.  You can pick em up at Party City for about 15 bucks.   Anyway, we are planning some videos that should be coming soon using this mask.   As the director, it is my challenge to come up with the content and creative ‘angle’ so here are some ideas I had.


  1. Barack loading the dishwasher
  2. Barack on the potty
  3. Barack rocking out to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  4. Barack updating his facebook profile to “Chillin”
  5. Barack cleaning out the gutters.


It’s all in a days fun…but never the less…it just makes things fun.  …and I am all about “the fun”. 


Have a good Thursday.



07/30/2009 6:50AM
Chuck spends time with his kids and Barack Obama!
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07/31/2009 8:37AM
Don't worry chuck, you can always lose the extra weight but you can't reverse the side effects of smoking. Have a great weekend.
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