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Posts from January 2014

Chuck's invisalign with

So you probably saw a few blogs ago that I started my invisalign process with Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen at Orthodontics, and I'm pretty excited!

During the last blog about this, I told you how Jen had taken the imprints of my teeth and sent them off to the lab.  A few weeks later, Kim (the Patient Coordinator), called me to have a look at the video at the bottom....Check it out!  

After they took my imprints, they generated a computer model of the invisalign process to correct my teeth.  From there, the 'trays' were made, and then Dr. Peluso called me back in for my first fitting.  Pretty slick!

Here is what my first set of trays looked like:

They popped right on to my teeth and fit like a glove (er, uh, I an Invisalign tray).   They felt a little odd for the first day (I'm being honest, here), and after the third day, I didn't even know they were there at all!  Every few weeks, I'll go back to the office and get a new set of trays as the process continues.   I'll keep you posted, for sure. 

Meantime, want a shot at a free $250.00 Visa Gift Card?  Seriously, no strings attached!  All you have to do is LIKE the FACEBOOK page of Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen and you're qualified; that's it...and you're welcome!  


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Don't get too crazy in 2014.


Here it is, week 3 of 2014...I see everyone's posts on Facebook (click here to come to mine), and thought I would share how week 3 of my resolution is going.   :)   


2014 is going to be an exciting here at at 94.9 The Point with more amazing concerts (already excited about Fall Out Boy/Paramore at The Farm on 7/22) be sure you check out our concerts page to find out what's happning and how to get free tickets! 

The kids are getting BIG...Charlie just turned 10 and bought a truck.....
Well, not really, but, he did sit in this one and asked if I could buy it; I showed him 
a nice scooter instead.  "Dad's going to be riding this to work, Charlie", I said. 


Theresa just joined running club and asked me to join as her "Run Buddy"...I asked her why she couldn't join BINGO club as the last time Dad ran, it was through a field with a spot-light chasing him and the distant sound 

of bloodhounds closing in.... 







Nevertheless, I joined the run club and my first 8K is in March!!!  
Wish me LIFE!!!  Talk soon...and seriously, come by facebook sometimeand let's chat there, too!  

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