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Posts from July 2013

Chuck's surprise lunch

So the guy in this picture is my son making one of his funny faces.  It's summer and both he and my daughter, Theresa, are doing the summer camp thing again.  They're having fun, and making new friends; a good time to be a kid.  

I got a call from his Mom saying Charlie wanted to take me to lunch the other day.  WOW!  This was one of those moments...MY Son wanted to take ME to lunch?!?!  Rock on!

I picked him up from Lego-Camp and we loaded into my car.  "So, where would you like to go to lunch, Char?", I asked.  

"I want to take you to that Tastey Experts place where your favorite sandwhich is, " he said.  

"You mean Taste Unlimited?", I said.

"Yeah, THAT place...I know you like that one sandwich over there", he said with a smile.  

Twice I offered to pay, but, Charlie was insistent.  "This is on ME, Dad", So, I let the man do as he had wished.  There's a lot more to this story...and after I dropped him off, my eyes got really misty as I felt that bucking of a good cry coming on...but, that part needs to wait.   I have a full day ahead and the last thing I need is to be walking around with red eyes, so, you'll have to come back for that part of the story.   :)

I love my kids dearly...and this was a first...and I'll tell you why, shortly.  



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Fishing and making "Stone Soup"


I just had a great afternoon at The Ocean View pier that I wanted to share with you.

First, My kids are at camp this week and I miss them terribly already. So I decided to go fishing at the Ocean View pier after work this morning. It was a hot day, but, the tide was on its way out and I knew that I would at least catch a few fish... Hopefully taking my mind off the obvious.

I got out and the catching was, indeed nice. Six nice sized croaker in about ten minutes. Not bad.

A Grandmother and her two children arrived on the pier. Within a few minutes I could tell they were unreasonably unequipped for their outing today. Small poles with standard freshwater rigs...but respectfully, I watched. 

After seeing them catch nothing for a while, I walked over, introduced myself, and offered to help. Their Grandmother said "Thank you, Sir" and agreed to let me help. 

I re-strung, and rigged their poles gratis with bottom weights, hooks, and bait. Then, magic happened.

Fish after fish, the two Grandchildren screamed " I've got one I got one", as my pole rested dormant. They filled 1/4 of my bucket with 17 additional croaker and spot. I just kept running from pole to pole, unhooking fish, re-baiting, and happy to see the two tykes "nailing" a solid day's catch. 

Then, a few hours later, I realized I had to leave. I told them to keep my bucket and my catches as a reward for such a great day. Then Grandma reached for her purse. 

"Let me give you something for your time, Chuck", she said. 

"You already have," I said. "Thank you for lending me your Grandchildren for a few minutes" I replied. 

I could see her face quivering. It was getting uncomfortable for her as she spoke. " I prayed to God for an Angel to help me today; I know how to cook them, but, not how to catch them since their Grandfather passed."

"With my highest respects, Ma'am. Have a fantastic day. Thank you for taking these boys fishing", is all I could muster. 

Folks, I am not saying give it ALL away...but once in a while when you do...God gives you just what you need to fill the whole for you, and the belly for others. 

Blessed are we.

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