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Posts from March 2013

Chuck turns 39...and makes an "Anti Bucket List"
Usually, in my line of work, people are afraid to admit how old they are...why I'll never understand.  I mean, age is just a Cholesterol Level, Betty White, and Blood-Alcohol Content.  Why fight the truth?   

This past 3/24, at 2:49pm...I turned 39.  I made it...another full revolution around the sun.  In a struggling economy, world where no one is your friend and weak men die like dogs...I MADE IT!!!  And you better believe I made a list...

I decided to write an ANTI-Bucket list....yes...ANTI-BUCKET LIST.   These are things I'm fine not doing as I already know what I would LIKE to do.  I figured it would be best to make sure I stay on target with what I want by reminding myself what NOT to get wrapped up's dangerous out there...and I am 'getting on' in years.  ;)

ANTI- BUCKET LIST...Thing's I'm OKAY never doing...or doing again. 
1. Skydiving
2. Hosting a Swimsuit Party at a local bar for a 500.00 cash prize.
3. Posting pictures of myself with mustaches drawn in on Photoshop.
4. Going Alaskan King Crab Hunting.
5. Riding a bicycle in a race with a GOPRO Camera attached to me.
6. Start a petition to end anything. (petitions never work)
7. Make Mozzarella cheese again (trust me, it's cheaper to buy it) 
8. Have a long debate on the phone about why Shea on MTV's Buckwild isn't as smart as she looks. 
9. Use the hashtag #bestniteeverrrrrr

I'll add more as it becomes relavent...but for now, that should keep the hounds at bey....
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OV Knights of Columbus Party was awesome

Many people talk of good parties. Hosting the Knights of Columbus St Pat's after parade party let me see 5000+ people crammed shoulder to shoulder who truly were just hanging out, having some beverages, and having a good time. Nothing was out of hand, everyone had a smile and a hug to offer...and I can't wait for 2014!

Making New Friends...

Sharing great stories...really GREAT stories!

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