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Posts from February 2013

What's the condition with "Unconditional Love"?
As a guy who gets to talk with a good amount of people...those in blissful relationships, those going through divorces, and those who have yet to "Love", I hear a LOT about this "Unconditional Love" thing. 

Now, also as a man who knows LOVE...Loves Love...and shares it however he can, if there is one thing I have learned about "Unconditional Love" from each of these folks it is this:

It's what present and involved parents have for your kids, it's what your parents (if present and involved) had for you, and what God (if you choose to believe) has for everyone...even crack-heads...

But for everyone else who is not the almighty comes WITH CONDITIONS. This is not negative, this is not a downer, this is reality. 

Lets say you were in love with someone...and day in and day out, they came home, punched you in the mouth, cleaned out your bank account, and slept with your friends...if you truly loved them "Unconditionally", you'd be cool with that...correct? You'd just laugh it off as a quirk, kiss em on the cheek, and call it a night with an ice-pack. 

Therefore, unless given factors present..ALL LOVE COMES WITH CONDITION OF RESPECT...EVEN BEFORE TRUST...RESPECT is the fertile soil in which love's seeds grow! 

So, while the concept of "Unconditional Love" is a great one...I think the world needs to take another look at this one...because...well...out of respect comes honesty...and honesty, trust....and I respect someone enough to say unless there is mutual comes with a condition. 

But, that, one person's opinion.

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Chuck sees issues with his phone

Anyone else notice some changes lately with our Iphones?   I did...and well...

Here's a sign Steve Jobs is gone. The latest iOS update thinks I would ever have a reason to use New Kids on The Block in a text response.'s all Downhill from here, guys. LOL!


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Chuck and Woo Woo on The News!

Woo Woo and I made the WVEC 13 NEWS DAYBREAK broadcast for some
Valentines Day "Do's and Dont's" with LaSalle, Vanessa, and News Chaser...
Jason Walsh! 

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Chuck's Daughter approaches 7!
T-Minus 3 days till my Soul-Sister, Theresa, turns my has gone fast...and why I always have a camera ready. ...advice to future parents...memory is lots! :)

Here's some older video I got of my baby girl during a few of our outings!




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