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Posts from January 2013

Chuck does a a reading stop to the kids school.

I had the chance to read to BOTH Charlie AND Theresa's classes at their school for Community Reader Week.  My choice was "SkippyJohn Jones and The Big Bones", which, the kids LOVED.  

















Charlie gets the Introduction Award for my intro to his class where he cleared the misconception "This is my Dad; He's not old...his hair has been turning white since he was a teenager"...I about fell out! LOL!

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Chuck gets "One on One" with the kids

As most of you know, aside from my job, I also have a real life.  Amazing, I know...a radio guy who doesn't hinge his entire existence on the fact that he gets to talk in to a microphone. (lol)

When I am not at work, I love hanging out with my two kids.  Charlie just turned 9 and Theresa turns 7 next month.  We do LOTS of things together and as the new year started   
I realized I had gotten away from "one on one" time with the I've started twice a month 'Indy Adventures' with them both individually.  ....Just a little something for them and me...

Theresa had the first choice of the New Year and so she chose going out to do some pottery at one of those "paint and glaze" places.  We had a blast.   Here are some pics!


I think this special time "one on one" is important and in the craziness of a week, I had completely forgotten that feeling I used to get when Mom or Dad would take "Just me" out once in a meant a lot to me back then...and I'm glad I remembered.

So the next "one on one" goes to Charlie...and I can only imagine the adventures ahead!  

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Charles The Monarch Visits...

Charles the Monarch stopped by the studios to say hi after the hysterical past week where he was confused for a real lion and made global news. 

His first stop was to The Morning Point with Woo Woo and I....what a great fella!

Here's video of his historic visit to the studios with his owners Daniel & Samantha. 


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A New Year...and my camera is in for repair.

As most of you know, I love taking pictures.  No, I am not one of those people who's quitting my day job to become a wedding photographer, but I enjoy the science of photography.   So that is why last Christmas, when I finally got a digital SLR, I felt like I had finally gotten the toy I wanted.   The past year, I have taken pictures everywhere...but, I do miss my point and shoot model.  There was something about not having to change lenses, adjust the metering, aperture, and shutter speed and just 'take pictures' that I missed.   Nevertheless, I kept taking pictures.  It's what I do.

Recently, on this DSLR camera that was barely a year old, though...something wasn't working.  I just noticed the picture quality had dropped significantly and I wasn't getting what I wanted out of most every shot.   
That's when I noticed what professional photographers call "DEAD PIXELS" on all of my pictures.  These are little white spots where the sensor has failed and no longer captures the image and create jagged edges or noise in the picture.

Long story short...I called the manufacturer and they told me to send it in and they would fix or replace the unit completely, no questions asked.  This is a great response when you have invested (at least to me) what is a good amount of income on one of these 'big boy cameras'.  I've had to call the manufacturer two times before...and I admit, they ROCK with customer service...which, is a big part of why I buy their brand.

The facebook status read the following as I boxed up the camera and sent it off. 

I just sent my camera back to the factory. As I stood there at the FEDEX counter, I had visions...they looked like this...where a highly trained team of experts from around the globe had assembled and were waiting, waiting... for my package to arrive so that they could immediately assess my camera in a scientific and controlled environment. Some of the worlds brightest minds in digital imaging and spectral rationalization had only one wish that knew no fix Chuck's camera and get it back to him so he could post more pictures to facebook. This is my don't even try to frig with it...get your own, if need be...but, this dream...this one is mine.

Now, as I wait for my camera to return, I also wonder about a return to the 'point and shoot' life that I am seeming to miss with this high end camera.  Sure, they have an "auto" setting even on these higher end models...but when you have one of these DSLR cameras...the tendency is to adjust your settings accordingly. we advance, things become more complicated, don't they?  


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