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Posts from November 2012

Tis the season...and my kids are...SLEEPING?!?!?!

Well, it's the Holiday Season, and in my family we say "Merry Christmas", so to you and yours, a "Merry Christmas Season".   

I was excited the day after much so, that here is what the FACEBOOK status read:

Loading em's time again to go in search of "the Christmas spirit" as Theresa calls the several drive through light displays we have in the 757 area code. The bigness is catching up with them so much, but, she was still asking me a few weeks ago if we would. Father Christmas, weave your magic this evening. Make this Holiday sing!

The kids and I went out to The Botanical Gardens as our first stop, and the line getting in (which was well deserving the first night of season) caught me in one of those parent moments...and there I was...the guy who always asks "WHY DIDN'T YOU GO BEFORE WE LEFT" the FACEBOOK status was this:

If anyone saw a guy running up the waiting line to get in...that was me...headed for the restroom...forgoing my own rule of "WHY DIDNT YA GO BEFORE WE LEFT"...Oh well, good for a slice of humble pie and the kids got to rib me about it, so, I guess that's a win.

Then, it was our turn to get in and see the lights and beauty of The Botanical Gardens!   I paid my fare and turned to the kids to say "THIS IS IT!!!" and saw I took a picture.  


Yep, my troopers had nodded off!  Looking at the clock, I realized setting out to go at 8pm was not the best they normally cork-out around 8:30-8:45pm.   So, again it was back to FACEBOOK:

We made the trip and waited in line 45 minutes to get in and 2 out of 3 kids were nodding off...Theresa came back to the party but Charlie was a no-go. I like to say with sugar plums in his noggin. 

Even though my son stayed asleep and my daughter was in and out of conciousness, it's a trip I never miss.  The lights, the music, and scene were gorgeous.  They really do it up beautifully...and I was able to be a kid for a few, I took a picture of my "Clark Griswold" face to commemorate the moment and trip.  

 So again, a happy and merry "Christmas Season" to you and matter what Holiday you celebrate, we wish you a fun, hectic, and corny one filled with smiles and laughs to you!  



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Hey Everyone,  

Hard as it is to believe, our time has come 'round again...and we need your help to save kids.   

Being a "Change Bandit" is one of the easiest ways to collect up spare change from people you know and save the precious little ones who are fighting to live to see another year.   Please click, please help, and join us in another year of being REAL LIFE HEROES to a hospital that exists only to serve and heal sick and injured kids in Hampton Roads.  

Thanks!    Love you LOTS!   


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