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Happy Columbus Day!

So was Christopher Columbus really a tyrant in how he got the land from the Natives when he claimed it for his Mother-Land of  Spain? Well...on the Morning Point, we figured we'd call him and find out.
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Spring has sprung, Now fall has fell....

Autumn in the great Hampton Roads, and my favorite time of year has come 'round again for us all.   It's the annual chance to take a couple of week 'breather' before we ready for the coming Holiday Season.  It's a chance we get to really take a look around and see how much has changed over the past year.  The influx of visitors are back in their homes, and we 'got the place to ourselves'; like a kid after the relatives leave...the place is quiet. The kids are getting bigger.  Charlie looks more like a teenager at 7 than a little boy anymore.  Theresa is now five and full of that flowering fire of a young lady who's figuring out boys and girls are different; and she's ready to show the world just 'how'. I can feel that soon, the days of going to Chuck E Cheese will fade and we will have to find "bigger adventures", and I like this... However, I'm not ready to move on from the annual trip to the 'Punkin Patch'....and neither were they, thankfully.   So, yesterday I grabbed the camera and we headed towards London Bridge road to get a Pumpkin and let Dad do the 'picture thing'. We got a small pumpkin to get things going and I promised we would come back and get larger ones in the next week or so.   Last year, we carved Pumpkins the first week of October which looked like "spooky slime" by the time Halloween was still weeks away.  LOL! So I wish you a Happy Harvest Time in the 7 Cities....get out there and enjoy the changes before the holidays hit...there will be plenty to do once November arrives with all it's wonders.  See you out there! Hugs, --C PS...if you have any good Pumpkin Pie Recipes using real pumpkin, can you hook me up?  Charlie noted he wants to make REAL pumpkin pie.  I have done it before but the kind I make is not that sweet.   I see lots of online recipes, but, I would like one "tested and true" recipe from a local I can talk to...and that qualifies YOU.   Thanks!  ;)    send me a message on Facebook
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Chuck goes in to FACEBOOK THERAPY

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Chuck takes a look at THE NEW FACEBOOK

It's it or not...The New Facebook 'Drops' 10/04/11 ...and its different...ugh you say?  Your life will end?   Yer goin' back to myspace? that as it may, I'm giving you a heads up.

You will not like it...but if you give it a chance, you will LOVE how easy it is....everything is NOW sorted according to how many people love you and what you said first...and there's more room for pictures of everyone's favorite thing....YOU!

So, is there really that much to fear with the new FACEBOOK? Watch my video and get a first glance at the changes and judge for yourself.


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Chuck has a warning about FACEBOOK.

Facebook Alert: The Facebook "download facebook data" button reveals every private message, every post, every picture, deleted or not available to be downloaded from your account. Try it! Click the HOME tab and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS NOW at the bottom of the list in small blue letters it says "download facebook data" it, Depending whether or not you browse securely, you may be asked to enter your password.  Once activated, and  ENTIRE history of your account is generated and can be downloaded to one folder...its ALL THERE. This one is going to make "oh, they're just a friend" and "I never said that/posted that" a thing of the past. Remember, though, if it comes to a point where you are sitting down with 'someone special' and challenging them to do's safe to say there were problems already...and though I would never challenge someone to do this, I will say "be safe kids"...before you POST on your wall...before you send that private message you wouldn't in front of your significant other/boss/friend...remember....FACEBOOK KEEPS IT ALL. Yours in Social Media Drama, --Chuck
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My Son Charlie caught this 20 inch bass @ Sandy Bottom Park on the peninsula this past Sunday... As a Dad, this was a pretty huge moment... The fact that I have been fishing 33 years and never caught a largemouth bass of this size is pretty awesome for him...and I let him know how special this was.... Fish On! Chuck
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A list of Shelters During The Storm

Hampton One shelter will open Friday, August 26 at 7 p.m. Pets will be accepted.
  • Bethel High School 1067 Big Bethel Road *Residents should bring any medications or special needs equipment, air mattresses, blankets and pillows, diapers, toys, games and books for children, food, and water (recommended 1 gallon per person per day). Pets will be accepted; owners should bring a cage or crate, food and water, and medications.  
Virginia Beach Two city shelters will open Friday, August 26 at 6 p.m. Pets are not allowed.
  • Landstown High School 2001 Concert Drive
  • Salem High School (medically-friendly facility) 1993 SunDevil Drive
Two shelters will open Saturday, August 27 at 8 a.m. Pets are not allowed.
  • Cox High School 2425 Shorehaven Drive
  • Birdneck Elementary School 957 S. Birdneck Road
Chesapeake The city will open four shelters Friday, August 26 at 7 p.m. No pets allowed.
  • Oscar Smith High School 1994 Tiger Drive
  • Hickory Middle School 1996 Hawk Blvd.
  • Western Branch High School 1968 Bruin Place
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School 2706 Border Road
The city is opening a pet shelter on Friday, August 26 at 7 p.m.
  • River Crest Community Center 1001 River Walk Parkway (Pet owners will be housed at Oscar Smith)
Norfolk The city will open five shelters Friday, August 26 at 6 p.m. Pets are not allowed.
  • Granby High School 7101 Granby Street
  • Norview High School 6501 Chesapeake Blvd.
  • Lake Taylor Middle School 1380 Kempsville Road
  • Maury High School 322 Shirley Avenue
  • Campostella Elementary School 1106 Campostella Road
Suffolk   The city will open three shelters on Friday, August 26 at 8 p.m.
  • Nansemond River High School                                                                                                                           3301 Nansemond Pkwy.
  • Lakeland High School                                                                                                                                           214 Kenyon Rd.
  • Kings Fork High School                                                                                                                                      351 Kings Fork Rd.                                                                                                              
North Carolina
  • TJ Davis Recreation Center 400 E. Sixth St. Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Pets will not be co-located at this shelter, but accommodations will be available and information will be provided upon arrival.
  • Northampton Cultural & Wellness Center 9536 Hwy 305 N. Jackson, NC 27845 Pets will be co-located at this site.
  • Dare County residents without a means of transportation to a state managed shelter outside of Dare County may call 252-475-5640 to make travel arrangements.
  • Nash County - Opens Aug. 25                                                                                                                     Englewood Baptist Church                                                                                                                                   1350 South Winstead Ave.                                                                                                                                
  • Wilson County    - Opens Aug. 25                                                                                                              Raleigh Road Baptist Church                                                                                                                                4150 Raleigh Road Parkway
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Chuck takes a vacation: Pics and Video

So, for the first time in 7 years, I took an honest to goodness vacation.  I had originally planned to go to Niagara Falls, but, a friend of mine for the past 3 years suggested a cabin getaway to the Shenandoah Mountains would be just the trick. So there I was...4 days in a remote cabin atop of a mountainside in Page County, VA...not a neighbor for 2 miles...nature all around me...and it was exactly what I needed.   Here is the cabin I rented stayed in. I slept about 12 hours a day and didn't do 'much' aside from slide in to the day like a sloth.  I was in my Pajamas until about noon most days...I stayed up until 2:20am playing cards one night, and went in to the town of Luray for some local flavor and picture taking. The Town of Luray is one of those great little towns driven on tourism and a solid local hardworking crowd.  It sits at the base of the mountains and is also home to the Globally Acclaimed "Luray Caverns", an underground tourist attraction designed by Mother Nature over the past several million years.   It's definitely a must see. Go ahead and click on the image to see a larger rendition of this gorgeous cavern.  It was worth the 23 bucks for the tour, which, takes you on about a mile walk through the caverns.  I felt like I was in "The Lord of The Rings" in here...good stuff. After the caverns, I stopped by the Luray "Rain Garden" and Towne Park just outside the town on my way back to the cabin.  There was a nice stream full of little trout and this guy was getting some fresh sushi.  I watched him for a few minutes.  He would sit still and then SNAP...grab himself another trout.  Pretty awesome. At first I thought he was not 'real'...he just sat and waited...patient...and then he'd just pop his long neck out and enjoy more of the days fresh catch.  It was fantastic to watch as he would gulp down a trout and then go back 'mannequin style'.  He's my hero. After I got back from my 4 day sojourn to be one with nature, I picked the kids up for the remaining 5 days of my time off and we had our usual "BLAST' of a time. A good friend of mine is the best blueberry pie maker in the state and she had been suggesting I take the kids to Pungo Blueberries (a seasonal pick your own blueberry farm) and collect blueberries.  The deal was if we helped pick, she would do her magic on the pies.  So we there we were...about 8 pounds of blueberries later, it was pie time and true to form...her Blueberry Pie is unbeatable and Theresa got to help make it with her while Charlie and I caught up on iCarly on Nickelodeon. In case you have ever wondered what 8lbs of blueberries looks ya go. takes 4 people working like mad about 90 minutes to get this many blueberries.  I can see now why they cost so much at the store.   Here, they only charged about a $1.80 a pound.  Not bad!  8lbs from the store would have been upwards of 25 - 30 bucks for two pies.  This produced 2 very large blueberry pies with about a ziplock bag filled to the brim left over for pancakes, etc. The grand finally to several activities and excursions with the kids was our first ever fishing trip by flat bottom jon-boat.   Here is the visual candy from that trip which produced 7lbs of fish and a trip to last a lifetime.
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Around the office with Chuck...

So I wanted to share with you some of my pictures from around the office...sure you have all seen the pictures of Dj's with Rock Stars....but lets talk about work and the people I work with; the actual "Office" Here are some pics
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Chuck is back from "Vacation?"...well...

I always enjoy getting back from time off and the “catch up” that ensues from a few days out of the office.  When I got in today, there were 182 emails in my in-box, most of which, were SPAM.  Thankfully, I do not have to respond to the King of Madagascar’s email where he wants to give me 1.9 million dollars just for giving him by Bank routing info with a “Got it”…Im sure he’s busy enough. Then there are the people who exclaim “SO WHERE DID YA GO?” that I need to explain ‘why’ I did not go anywhere to…and their puzzled look as to why with 2 kids, 4 missed doctor’s appointments due to meetings I had to attend, and a shoestring budget that I did not jet off to the Islands for a drink-induced bender with rock stars and scantily clad co-eds where I posted facebook pictures with the sideways peace sign and pursed lips.  Im 37…”vacation time” is spent shampooing the carpet, fixing the air conditioner, and exhausting my flex-med account paying for the aforementioned missed doctor’s appointments…$260.00 worth to be exact.  WOW…that was relaxing!!!!  I feel so refreshed and revitalized. However, this year, I made an appeal on the advisement of a special someone in my life.  This year I am going to ‘get away’ for a real ‘vacation’…my first in 5 years.  So now rock-stars and half naked co-eds?  …well…not so much.  J Next month, I will be heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains for 4 days to a cabin in the middle of nowhere…a true, “out of this world” vacation…and I cannot wait.  While planning out the trip, my sig-o told me there was white-water tubing, some caverns, and plenty of things to do while this trip is made. However, I am looking forward to other things…here are some of them.
  1. Waking up when the notion hits me.
  2. Drinking a pot of coffee on a wrap around porch.
  3. Letting my mind go blank for an entire day.
  4. Eating three meals in a day, preferably all pancakes
  5. Pretending I am ‘local’ to this out of the way town.
  6. Not shaving for 3 days.
  7. Scratching my back with a limb from a tree.
  8. Eating an entire pecan log roll.
  9. Buying a bell pepper from a roadside stand.
  10. Looking for Big-foot.
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Chuck and his kids hit Ocean Breeze...and a good time is had by all!

This weekend past, the kids and I hit Ocean Breeze to break in our season passes. The pictures say it all...and it all was awesome! Click the pic to see the trip and I highly suggest getting out there yourself! --Chuck
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A special message from Chuck regarding "The Casey Anthony Trial"

While we all have our opinions and feelings regarding the outcome of the verdict regarding "The Casey Anthony Trial"...I would like to remind everyone that heaven as another little angel...and YOU can be a part of various organizations and groups who exist in the spirit of the love and compassion we all share for children. Though I hope we never have another day like July 5th....moreover I hope we never have to light another candle, turn on another porch-light, or hold a group vigil because a child who could have been saved did not get saved in time. I have always supported the CASA program...and you can be a hero when a child needs one most. Love, Chuck
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Chuck rifles through Woo Woo's Purse

It's always fun to see whats in a purse...and when it comes to Woo Woo's Purse, she is not expempt.
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Chuck shares the "Best Graduation Song Video"

Here is the link from the song "Sunscreen" we played on the show today (Monday). Happy Graduation everyone! --Chuck
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Join Chuck at Menchies "Build your own" Frozen Yogurt.

For a few years now, I have been hearing about Menchie's Frozen Yogurt and I have to be honest.... I asked myself  "how good can it be?"Well, I was on a trip passing through New Jersey when I saw a Menchie's and swung in....BANG....I WAS HOOKED!!!! When I found out Menchie's was coming to Hampton Roads... I about tracked down the people at Menchie's and said "Please let me be there for the grand opening of this place!!!!"  At first, they asked I not show up at their house at 2am...but then when they realized I was a true fan, they agreed to have me out there.... JOIN ME TOMORROW  6/11 (Saturday) beginning at 11am for ....SAY IT WITH ME.....


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Chuck gets a heavy bag...let the beatings begin

I've kept it pretty quiet, but, I recently have been spending more time at the Doc than I would like to...nothing too big yet, but, I had "the talk" with him.  It started like this: "You know, Chuck, you're not a kid anymore....".  What happened from there was an esoteric exchange involving terminology I cannot hope to understand in this lifetime, which, according to him was being jeopardized by my eating, sleeping, and working habits.  "Unless you start working out soon, Chuck, we may want to investigate some medications...."

That was enough for me to hear.

I like my life.  I enjoy it.  However, the thought of getting on any kind of pill regimen is not what I wanted to hear at 37.   In DJ years, thats still young.  I mean I know some folks who are still doing their thing here twice my age...but I need to do some "physical activity" according to Doc, so, I went over to my neighbors house to complain about it....

Long story short, my neighbor had a myriad of boxing equipment in the garage.  Speed bags, Ol School Medicine Ball, and a barely touched 85lb Everlast Heavy Bag.  "Take em...I don't use them" he said. This was awesome for me.  Many years back, I did martial arts for about 8 years.  No I was not a black belt...the school I went to in Bronx, NY did not really 'do' belts...they tought you how to take care of yourself living and working in New Yorks Metropolitan Area.  I always loved it...the workout that was.  The stretching, the sparring, the cardio, and working the heavy bag.  When you get done going at an 85lb bag with everything you have for 15 minutes, gimme a call if you can lift your phone.  It was a great de-stresser too!

So in the name of Henry Lee Suk of Kalee...Im starting to stretch to get my body back in the swing of things.  Nothing too crazy to start, but, I am looking forward to working out the NY way...

Now before you ask if I am going to go all Karate Kid; forget the question.  I never went to tournaments for a couple of reasons...mainly, because if I wanted to really see how I was doing, Id go over to the boxing club in Riverdale where you would find out in no uncertain terms if you were progressing or not.  I always did well, but, it wasn't about that for was about the workout and whether I left Kalee or Anistossi's gym, I had a workout.  Both those places are now gone from my life and existence. I was at Kalee the last day before Anne closed the place down....I locked the place up with her and we went water-skiing.  Anistossi's wasn't far behind.  New York had changed, I guess.  I was gone anyway.

I can still smell the leather in the gym...and when I picked up that heavy bag; I was 17 again...with an extra 20 years on the outside.  Looking forward to the workout.


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How to spot an "IRISHMAN" by my son, Charlie

So the other day I took the kids out when it was 98 to the air conditioned confines of "Chuck E Cheese"....we were the only people there and it was like having Disneyland to yourself.  My Son, Charlie, so moved and transported by his love of the Vegas-Like atmosphere and music of the games, could not contain his "Irish".... Kids got Rhythm!!!
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Summer is in full swing with Chuck and The kids

Well, summer is in full swing at my home and the kids are up to wilderness and aquatic fun as usual. We made a trip to KMART which had slip and slides on sale for under 20 bucks and the front yard was transformed into an aquatic paradise. We always have a great time and the kids enjoy sliding around the front yard.  But, the fun doesn't stop there!!! In the last week of May, my father paid us a visit to hang out with the kids and I for a few days, which is always great! The kids had and "Grampa" had some much needed catch up time and we did fun things like go fishing, tell stories, and catch fish! Here are the kids and "Grampa" at Newport News Airport where Gramps got a very thrifty ticket from NYC to here for a real deal! Theresa caught her first fish with Grampa so there were smiles all around. Of course with the weather being so nice, we hit our favorite beach in Yorktown...and I must say, as they get bigger, these trips get more and more fun! We have also had our "Shakedown Campout" at Newport News City Park where the kids ran like wild animals and we did fun things like roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Me? Well, I took some much needed time to myself and recently 'got back in the game' and am enjoying good company and good friends.  Life got a little too interesting for me (to say the least) and I realized some patterns I had.  With all this time I have been spending making sure the kids were "AOK" with life's changes, I kinda forgot about the guy in the picture above.  He's working on smiling more; and I like it a lot. So what are you up to? --Chuck hit me up on facebook too.
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Chuck's Home Studio "Dad and Microphone"

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Chuck was wondering where his taxes went....

If you are like me, you are one of the people asking why things you thought you paid your taxes to support are dissapearing.   Ive been asking where the money goes for a few weeks.   A friend of mine in the financial world ( this is not about political dont even go there) gave me this link.    I think you will be astounded CLICK HERE:    WHERE DID MY TAX MONEY GO?
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Chuckgets ready to clean out his closet!!!!

So it's that time of the year again....Time to clean out your closet and DONATE THOSE ITEMS IN GOOD AND WORKING CONDITION TO GOODWILL STORES IN HAMPTON ROADS!     ....and Chuck, is getting ready to clean his out....
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Chuck's Son, Charlie has his first Science Fair

As you know, when it comes to my kids, I always have a camera at the ready. So it was without question that then my son, Charlie, had his first science fair at school, I was ready to give him and his sister flash-burns from the constant and incessant "Popping" of my camera flash.


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Chuck's favorite TV SHOWS...ever! (video)

The Most Powerful Moments in TV: From how they wrote each scene picking up mid-sentence to create intrigue...and to how Alan Alda wrote and acted as 'Hawkeye' on the show...MASH "Sons and Bowlers" moved me as much at age 8 as it does at 37. What happens when comedy goes serious? If done correctly...well...Magic. . These two scenes are some of my favs and are about "Dad".
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Chuck and his kids welcome the weather by boating!!!

The warm weather is beginning to trickle back in!!! Lets hear it for Mother Nature!!!!  The kids and I went boating this weekend at Northwest River Park; a good time was had by all.  As usual, I had the camera in, here we go!

When the weather breaks in Hampton just cannot be beat.  We hit Norwest River Park at noon and did not leave until the sun began hiding behind the tall trees of the west.   By the time the day was over, I was sure they would sleep like rocks for their mother as I returned them home after a Dad-weekend.

Total activities at the park:   2 hours on a paddle boat, 2.6 mile Hike, an hour at the park at the end of the trail, 3 sandwiches, a candy bar, and 4 low sugar Capri-Suns later....snores were heard in the back seat as we made the long dive back to the southside.

Bring it, Ma Nature....We are ready!

SEE ALL THE PICTURES HERE!!!! CLICK NOW! Have fun out there...remember...take pictures and plenty of video.  They'll thank ya for it someday.


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Chuck goes on a RANT about a Mandy Moore video?

The other day, Woo Woo and I had an off air conversation about Mandy Moore.... I googled her and was SHOCKED!!!   Watch this!!!! --Chuck
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Chuck has more adventures with the kids!

This weekend, I took some left over money from Christmas and headed back out to Debbie's Rc World in Chesapeake. It had been in my mind for a while to get a Metal Detector to go treasure hunting with the kids. I called a few friends and did some research and found that this metal detector rated as good as some 700-1000 units on the market.  Good only cost 212.00 and I had 250.00 left over from Christmas. I called out to Eric at Debbies RC and he said they had one Anyway, it can "see" down (in one case we had) to 2 feet...and has a nifty screen that tells you if its Jewelry, Coins, Relics, and even a pull-tab from an old soda can so you can decide to dig or not. I loaded up the kids and we struck out in search of treasure.   I pre-loaded a few coins on the patch of beach we chose knowing we would need to 'hit soon' to keep the kids interested. We did great....a bunch of old quarters, pennies, dimes, and part of a keychain. They were STOKED!!! We will be going again soon! Af course, sometimes, all you hit is an old can...but still...its the fun! Later we went kite flying at Mt. Trashmore with Theresa's new Osprey Kite she got for Christmas....a good weekend.   A VERY good weekend!
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Chuck gets artsy!!!

I painted yesterday...for like an hour with my favorite girl, my daughter Theresa...and here is what I painted. So what you YOU see? --Chuck
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Chuck's son, Charlie joins the ranks of "Radio Control Pilot"

So this past Christmas (a few weeks back) you prolly remember me talking about how I took my kids "Christmas Wishing" at Debbies RC World in Chesapeake, VA to entertain some of their requests for radio control planes and cars this Christmas. I've been shopping at "DRCW" for a long time now as an avid 'RC Addict' and was so glad when my kids showed interest in it as well. Charlie got a trainer airplane and Theresa got a RC Truck (as they both wanted). The truck for Theresa was easy as most kids have a keen understanding of the controls on the ground...The Airplane, though, for Charlie required me to be sure he was ready. So beforehand, I purchased a "Radio Control Simulator" called Phoenix that they also had at Debbies RC World. This way, I could let him crash a plane and not have it cost one penny in glue before we ever hit the field. ....It worked!!! Yesterday, Charlie had his first successful flight AND landing of a foam airplane called "The Easy Star" (Ive been training people to fly with just such a plane for years)...He was jumping with excitement and Theresa enjoyed watching as well. are some pics of the chronicle. We had fun building the plane and here are some shots from the "Maiden Flight"....Charlie did excellent and I was next to him on a master/trainer transmitter configuration so if he got in to a tight spot, I could save things...but I didnt need to...he did awesome! More to come....I even got video of it!!!!
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Chuck is back from "Vacation" and shares pics....

Unlike most people who come back from vacation, I do not speak of exotic locations and vivacious cocktails...I speak of good times with the kids. This vacation was magic with the snow! Here are some pictures of what we did with all the white stuff that fell. First a picture with my new camera the kids gave me for Christmas...a powerful point and shoot model from Canon. No big clunky lenses...just point and shoot. This is a picture I took outside of my house at night on a cheap 20 dollar walmart tripod. Charlie and Theresa posed for some pictures in this amazing snowfall! In the back yard we made a fire-pit with an old washtub and roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows! Then we made an Igloo and went sliding in the front yard! There are tons more pictures I have taken and more to come...the network is SLOW this morning and soon as I can transfer the files I'll load more. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year! love, --C
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Chuckat Debbies RC World...Christmas ROCKS!!!

In my last video, I introduced you to Debbie's RC World in Chesapeake.  Now find out why "DRCW" (as we call it) is THE PLACE for a Christmas Gift that WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST EVER...I PROMISE!  :)  Christmas is almost here and I do believe this year will be one that knocks it off the pedistal for the kids.   Here is another update on why Christmas in my house is going to be HUGE thanks to my 'other family' friends for over 8 years...Les, Eric, and Debbie of "DEBBIES RC WORLD, CHESAPEAKE, VA" WATCH THE VIDEO FOR DETAILS ON HOW YOU CAN GET 5% OFF AT DEBBIES RC WORLD...JUST FOR MENTIONING THE POINT

Debbie's RC World from Chuck Doud on Vimeo.

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Chuck has a gift...for YOU

Well, Happy FRIDAY!   5% off...just for mentioning this video to Debbies RC World As many of you have heard and emailed know that I am excited to be endorsing "Debbies RC World" in Chesapeake.   I've been a patron of this store for 8 years and I cannot begin to explain how amazing the place is....If you are interested in radio control, I can promise you Debbies RC World is the place to go...I rarely put my name behind anything...but if you want to create a different Christmas...a fantastic Christmas....I mean one that will really WOW em!  Visit this fantastic Family Owned and Operated unique Hobby Shop in Chesapeake.  ...Started almost 16 years ago By a Mom (Debbie), a Dad (Les), and their Son (Eric)...who is also my best friend.  Here is my trip to their store which I make with the kids every year about this time for some "Christmas Wishing"....the kids always have a blast.   ...from the first Thomas The Tank set I bought from them for my son's 2nd the Airplane I was flying in a field last the models we've built as a family, The Slot Car Race Track for my Son and Daughters Christmas Present last year (they still play with it, too) bouncing in the dirt with their RC cars...Thanks for the smiles, laughs, and good times.

A trip to Debbie's RC WORLD for Christmas Wishing from Chuck Doud on Vimeo.

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Chuck thanks...His Friends....

So Ive been dormant a while...that is to say, I have been dormant here; busy elsewhere. This past weekend, though, I got the kids out with a good friend of mine, Bob, and went to the peninsula for some Dad's and Kids fun. Our first stop was by Bass Pro Shop to see Santa; the line was huge but the kids were excited.  This is good news.  Then, we went to the Virginia War Museum in Hampton and then to the park just down the road.   My friend Bob and I have been talking about getting the kids together for a while now...and I was glad we did. We all have 'those people' who were there for us when things were not good.  3 years ago, after obvious events began, I was living in an RV outside a good friend's home in Virginia Beach.  Four months later, I moved to a 1 bedroom apartment complete with noisy neighbors, drafty windows, and nothing but an air mattress and a futon (for the kids)...six months after that, "Reverend Bob" (as I call him) rang my phone and asked me to lunch. I used to live near Bob and we always talked when we were neighbors...about 8 months ahead of me, he was in a similar situation and I continued contact with him...I had no idea what he would offer the day we met for lunch. It seemed his father had passed and left him a home in which he was residing which was "too much house for one guy" as he said.  "You have kids, I have a ton of room, a front and back yard, and the place is yours too if you want it". Long story short, because of a few changes, we wound up being room-mates (though we rarely saw each other).  I'd leave a check on the kitchen table and text him that it was there...he'd say thanks and the cycle continued for a while. Then after a few other changes, Bob came back full time and "The Seis Pack" was born. Our kids were already best friends from our previous everything just clicked.  We'd all go fishing or hiking or whatever and things just worked out.  2 years later...this was the best decision I made.  As Bob said himself "I don't know many people if I had to call 'roomate' that I could say I'd want around too long...but you've been awesome...ya clean up the place, I dont have to worry with both our kids in the picture, its a safe street; Im glad you're here, Mr. Doud" Reverend...I am as well...and thanks to everyone who has 'been there' for me, trusted me, and gave me a hand getting back up after the loss of a marriage and my consequent and temporary 'loss of hope'....Y'all gave me a hand....not a hand-out...but a hand. Thanks! --C

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Chuck's New Show "The Dad" Here is a 60 second sample

This is a 60 second excerpt on one of the episodes of "The Dad" I am assembling. In this episode entitled "Happy Places", We have some post Halloween Fun and other goofy-ness finding ways to turn frustration in to fun; it's all just energy...and its all a matter of moving the energy somewhere that's better for you and a heck of a lot more fun than being agitated at the world. There will be 6 episodes, and this is one minute from one episode. (Each episode will be a fun-sized 5 minutes)....and I hope you enjoy watching as much as I am making this...I write, produce, direct, edit, and assemble it all myself...and I absolutely love doing this stuff! My Best, --C
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Join Chuck TONIGHT (Monday 10/18) at CineBistro!

TONIGHT!   JOIN CHUCK AT CineBistro in Hampton. 8-10pm. 94 CENT GAMES OF BOWLING!!! BEVERAGE SPECIALS...AND WE'LL HAVE ALL THE GAMES ON THE SCREENS! I need a bowling partner so come out and you could win a 42 INCH LG PLASMA FLATSCREEN IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! See you tonight at CineBistro! --Chuck (Link with Directions below!)

DIRECTIONS TO CINEBISTRO!!!! We will be in the lounge section...Bowling is just steps away.  Prizes for the first strike, first 'turkey', and first 7-10 split of the night!  Plus...while you are there you can catch the experience of CineBistro...this place is beyond words COOL!  See you there!
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Chuck, His Kids, Skinned Knees, Scarecrows, and Pumpkins

  Well the weekend started with a double kneee skinning as my pretty princess announced she was racing me to the car as we headed out to pick up her brother from school. I heard the sound of the front door hissing closed, 2 footsteps going down the stairs and then......."OOOOOOWWWW OOOOOWWWWIEEEEEEE OOOOOWWWIEEEEE"....I patched her up quick with my extensive bandage selection and we still made it to get her brother in time for the bus. Later in the weekend: We attended to CHKD "Build a Scarecrow" event at McDonald Garden Center....this was one of the coolest events ever and the place was packed.  It was so great to see so many families out enjoying a great day for a fantastic cause! The kids and I had a blast and they found a tree to climb...which I would have been fine with if Charlie did not decide to position himself right over some pumpkins.  Right after this picture was taken, I had one of those "maybe that isnt such a good idea" moments!  LOL! Great weekends always happen when I am with the kids!
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Chuck explains 'why' he asks a specific question

"So what's your favorite song?" It's a question I often ask people and glance as they shuffle their brains trying to come up with the right answer. It is almost as if the person I am asking the question to thinks it is some kind of a test. I say this because when they do answer the question…they make it sound like they are asking me a question. "Crazy by Patsy Cline?" Shockingly loves music. All kinds of music. No lie. But there is more to my question than meets the ear, yes. I believe you can tell a lot about a person from their favorite song; and it's ALL GOOD…so just answer the question. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. There is only the answer. So why all this about someone's favorite song? Okay…Here's why. For those who know me, they know I love to joke around and make a laugh wherever I can…but on the flip side…I can go pretty deep; so much so that it freaks people out. Years ago, (when an honest question was mistaken for a lack of tact), I would just come out and ask someone "So what is the one thing you want more than anything in life right now?" "Do you ever feel like you are the only person in the world and ya just wish you could connect with SOMEONE…ya know, to where ya felt like your souls were fusing together in the utmost combination of love, life, and serenity? Like their thoughts were your thoughts and all that existed was a harmonious glow of existence?" The eyes would get wider, the posture would change, and there was a hell of a good chance my calls would not get taken again. Years later, I found it was best to keep it simple and start small "whats your favorite thing to do when you are not at work?"…."Seen any good movies lately?"…."Whats your favorite song?" When I ask this question to someone, there are two things we can be sure of: 1. I want to know YOU; not the you that is 'put on' to make things work…YOU…that person who feels the same way I do but was told to 'pipe it' cuz yer freakin people out. 2. As humans, music is one of our truest forms of expression; and we express ourselves through music. So yeah, I am being sneaky about it…but darn it…we only have a few years here for 'training' if you look at life on the whole…and I want to connect with as many people as possible. I need to be on Gods 'Good side'. Who knows, maybe he will offer me a position amongst the perceptive heavens; preferably with a sweet view of the Grand Canyon every morning at sun-up. When you tell me your favorite song….your REAL favorite song; the one that defines YOU and who YOU are (not whats popular at the moment). I am looking for that song in which you say to yourself... "That's me"! (Unless of course, Pink's "You and Your Hand" is indeed your favorite track…in that case, I'll skip the handshake for a knuckle bump and some skin sanitizer). For me, my favorite song is: 'Windmills' by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Not a popular one, I am sure…but I can listen to that song 5 times over and think every time that the band wrote that after reading about my life. …they didn't, of course. The song is actually about Don Quixote and his pal, Sancho. This made even more sense when I got the story on the song. You see, I dug Don Quixote's style. He was a romantic (who many deemed insane) and road around the countryside with his only friend, Sancho. He did stuff not many people understood, was made fun of, was cast out of towns for no good reason other that he was 'different'…but he believed in romanticism, love, honor, truth, chivalry….the whole experience. In the story (as literary masters have more or less decided)…Don had this woman; the love of his life and most beautiful vision of woman who ever set her silken foot on the soil of this earth. Her name was Dulcinea and he spoke of her often. Thing is, she never really 'appears' in any real form in the story. It is almost as if (as one continues to read and starts putting it together themselves), that Don was so nuts about this ideal he was looking for that his brain constructed this perfect woman as a safety muse for Don to explain why he was such a romantic. …maybe his brain thought that if he had something to live for, he wouldn't keep doing things like chasing and charging windmills on horseback….and we ALL know how that feels. Yet, for all of Don's craziness…for all of the townspeople that just thought he was weird; that Don Quixote made them so uncomfortable they wanted nothing more than to have him out of their town….two things are for certain: For his travels and travails…a novel was written about him…it's a globally renown classic. One man wanted to believe in Don so badly…he stuck with him because this 'crazy romantic dream' of Quixote's was so perfect that he just wanted 'in'….that was his partner, Sancho. So what I got out of that story was that Don Quixote is all of us; chasing some crazy dream and vision (our own Dulcinea) and doing things the world sometimes thinks are just plain dumb. Thank god because of Facebook and bad TV, they don't see us screw up so much…but we do. "Windmills" by Toad the Wet Sprocket was always a song I considered mine…and when I heard who they really wrote it about…that's when I could listen to it 5 times in a row and smile though each playing. "Take the darkest hour; break it open" is my favorite lyric from the song. That is something I feel we all need to do. Take your darkest time, crack it open, laugh until its right, and don't stop searching for what you (or I) want. …let em think you're crazy…you just may have a novel written about you one day and some guy writing at 3 o'clock in the morning about how he wished he was strong enough to have been YOU. So there's my favorite song. What's your favorite song? --C
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Chuck's Daughter, Theresa...4 goin' on 40.

So Theresa's (My 4 year old astute daughter)...has taken to start telling me I am too cheesey and 'snarky'....funy I grabbed the Iphone and got her at her best.
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Chuck's working on projects and gets upset about his office.

Well...they moved my office again! Look at this move job! GUYS!!! Can we at least get it on the slab straight?

Inside the office, though, I have my computer from home and here is some of the cool video stuff I have been working on:


I did every piece of this from the graphic to the animation to the audio sync...still have a few more things before I would consider it print ready...but its getting little widget!
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Chuck's got a new project "The Dad"

About six years ago, before my son was born, I remember sitting and thinking about what being a parent would teach me. It was then I had put to mind the concept of some kind of web-minisode/mini-series about the funny things we learn in parenthood. What I did not understand was what being "The Dad" would teach me in all areas of my life. I started writing down things I learned (most of which were lessons that did not come easy) and before I knew it, I had enough funny, scary, outlandish experiences in documents on my computer. ..."The Dad" was born. I plan on making 8 mini-sodes of this project and I think you will enjoy it...i hope you will... Here is a promo for "The Dad" I kind of explains where this is heading. :)
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Chuck is amazed at the New TLC Show

When TLC tells me they got a show on multiple spouse families....I get to work. Like 1 wife aint enough? Brother....Valentines Day alone is going to break you!
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Chuck's Shrimp Dish Recipe

This is what it looks like.... Here's how I make it...
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Chuck and The Kids...last day of "The Pool"

Lots happened this summer. Charlie and Theresa both learned to swim, we went camping, Theresa grew into 7 year old tops, Charlie learned to High Dive...the list is long. Luckily took LOTS of pictures.
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Chuck salutes the "Hurricane Earl Parties"

Okay...Earl was thankfully a burnout for cleaning the yard!!!!   Still I was invited to the third "Hurricane Earl Party" I scratched my head as to 'why' someone needed a reason for a beer, I asked the question "Hey, what songs would ya listen to at this party?" ...and I hit my studio  to make this one. Enjoy! --Chuck
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As we all get ready for Earl, it is apparent at this point that the storm will affect each of us in diverse ways.  The more south one goes, the more Earl will cause havoc...north of us, it appears Earl will be much less intense (though still a bad storm).   In an effort to keep you all informed, we will begin the Morning Show on 94.9 The Point tomorrow at 4am as the worst of the storm is expected overnight.

We will promise to keep you informed and up to date on any developments, cancellations, emergency procedures, announcements, and ALL necessary related information. I ask each of you to map out a plan today in case the storm intensifies and share it with your family and friends.  As I have seen and have come to know, the best way to get though these times is with information and care for yourself and loved ones.  DONT TAKE CHANCES.  If you can't make it someplace...STAY HOME.

I promise to be here with you (as well as the rest of the Point Staff) keeping you up to date, informed, and prepared for what is ahead.   This is my promise to you...and I ask you to take care of YOURSELF and FAMILIES.

If you need anything at all, do not hesitate to call us tomorrow morning starting at 4am at (757)490-9490.

I wish each of you a safe day and will be praying along with you that this storm passes us with the least amount of damage possible.  Stay safe, everyone!

Much Love,


The Morning Point

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Chuck gets to work and CONAN is in his spot again

I cant stand it when I get to work and Conan "Im The Man" O'Briend has parked in my spot again.

I mean, I get it...The guy is one of my heroes, but, I worked my tail off to get a reserved spot and he just parks it right in the spot I clawed my way over the course of ten years to get.   Conan....Bro....Really?

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Chuck spends time with TRAIN

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Chuck has a hankerin' for Pork Lumpia

OK, I know this is kind of weird to be posting on the blog...but hey, it's whats going on in my life. For some reason, this weather has me REALLY craving good Chinese food...more importantly...Pork Lumpia (those little egg roll looking things that are crispy but delicious). Where is the best place in town to get these? There was a place near me that did them awesomely when I lived on Shore Drive...but now, in Kempsville, I just cant find a place that does them....Pork Lumpia, that is.... Any ideas? My stomach thanks you! --Chuck
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Chuck leaves FACEBOOK...picks Twitter

So lately, my email box has been slammed with messages of "Why did you de-friend me on FACEBOOK?" or "Did I do something wrong?"; the questions are relentless. The long and short is, I QUIT FACEBOOK. Yes, a week now and it feels great. Please don't be upset, if you really need to know what I am up to, I am on TWITTER...but even that is marginal at best. So why my exodus from FACEBOOK? Simple...It became more work than it was worth. Add to the 11pm "Whatcha doin?" messages from people who should be in bed with the person who their satus is set to MARRIED for...and the countless questions about "what does your status mean? Did I upset you?"...I felt like FACEBOOK was becoming more of a "Friend Finder/Group Therapy Session" for me and less FUN...which was why I started it up in the first place. So I decided there was an easy fix.....DELETE ACCOUNT. I know it seems crazy, but, I finally saw the reasons Twitter is 'better' than FACEBOOK. 1. You are part of a main instead of soap-box 2. Private messages are limited to 140 characters 3. People seem to talk about 'things' rather them 'themselves'. 4. You are forced to be creative with your posts; there's limited real estate. 5. I was dying to know at any time what 'The Beebs' was up to.... So please was not was ME that clicked the OFF button on my FACEBOOK. I look forward to seeing you in the social media world....and I promise to keep my TWEETS short....I have no choice but to do so. ;) Much love, --Chuck
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Chuck's Cat Chimes in...

A message from Chuck's Cat, Dutch
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Chuck needs help finding coupons!!!

Looking for Coupons!!! As school gets ready to reconvene for the kids, its time to get back in to BUDGET mode…and in a BIG WAY. I’ve been looking for the best places online to get coupons for things like groceries, dinner, etc. Though I have found some googling…I know the best advice is going to come from those already doing “coupon mastery” in our area. If you know any GREAT places to find LOCAL coupons…let me know! Email me: Or just leave a comment here…thanks so much! --Chuck
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Chuck's Daughter, Theresa is HUNGRY.

The old saying is "Ya get what ya want by sheer persistence"....My daughter is 4 and understands this; no end.
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Chuck gets the sad, albeit expected news....RATES ARE UP

Though I have always been a 'safe driver' since getting my own insurance....I knew it was coming.  My insurance rate went up ten bucks a month (120 a year), simply because it's a sign of the times.   I don't hold my insurance agent responsible for it...I've been with them for almost 20 years now.   However, as I always do...I try to find the humor in the event....and I sent one of the girls at his office this little video I made...apparently, they got a chuckle.  Just so ya know...I am still with them as my insurance company as it was not only me...MANY got the across the board increase.  All I can say is thank heaven it doesnt look like my healthcare premium.  :) Dear lord, please don't let me become one of those people who sits around complaining about prices of everything...let me continue to find the laugh in every situation.  Amen!  --C
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Chuck finds FREE FUN for you this weekend

I gotta thank all the ladies of FACEBOOK for this stuff.   You are all the best moms and hook me up with all kinds of things to do with the kids.  ...and it struck me...EVERYONE should know this stuff.  I suggest we ALL share this info; in doing so...we'll share FREE family eachother a few bucks where we can...and have an awesome weekend because of it!  I love you all and thanks so much for the info! There are all KINDS of doings in Portsmouth this weekend for the kids and families as the US Coast Gaurd Celebrates 220 years of keeping the homeland in tip top shape.   Check out the City of Portsmouth's site Then, over on my FACEBOOK page, my pal Kellie shared this: " FYI Fort Monroe is having Kids Day tomorrow 10-2, it's open to the Public! Every child will win a prize and qualify for door prizes. There will be face painting, balloons, clowns, entertainment. Free hot dog, drink and chips for all who com...e. Just thought I'd let ya know! LOL" I want to send out a challenge to everyone to HIT ME UP WITH THIS KIND OF INFO.  As parents, we work HARD to work it all in...and if we can all have fun and help our household bottom line...lets help eachother out.  Thanks so much! --Chuck
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Chuck is back from Vacation

Well, it was an awesome week off. The kids and I spent three days together and hit Ocean Breeze again. We have a new hot spot, I guess. Its always a blast and I love how they have really geared it towards the kids. Here's a pic of my boy! Then, I went down to the Outer Banks for a few days to unwind.  It was a great getaway and although I could never live there (as I would refuse to work at its a great breakaway. I always love passing by the dunes and seeing people doing the Extreme-Kite thing....then it was off to the Hilton Garden Inn....great view. It rained one day but made for a cool pic...the houses look almost miniature.  Then when the sun came out it was down to another one of my favorite haunts, Corolla light....I love this bridge. I'll have more pics soon...I was shooting them on a camera that my good friend, Eric gave me and they are like 10 megabytes a piece so I am crunching them down as quickly as I can.  It's great to be back...I missed you all SO MUCH.  More soon!  So what are you doing for vacation?   email me: --C
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Chuck puts on his director hat for the kids.

So my kids came to me this weekend and said they wanted me to help them make a movie about Mummies. Yeah Mummies! I teach my kids you can do anything if you are willing to put the work in to it; so I told them they had to write up a story board for me first. Sure, that may seem a little "Hard-A**" for a 6 and 4 year old...but the principle was...."Have a plan" they met with Director Carlos Contini (aka me) to share their visions for the project: Then it was off to shooting...and their ideas came to life. Ad so, The Mummies was born...a major hit! --C
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Chuck forgets to change the cat's litter box...and PAYS

So I forgot to change the litterbox for my cat...and she left me a 'present' near my bed. I expressed my extreme regret in the only way I know song.
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Chuck takes care of Woo Woo "Transportation Issue"...

and now...the exciting conclusion!
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Chuck gets Woo Woo a new RIDE!!!!

I always take care of my people....ALWAYS
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Chuck takes a Roadtrip...and finds Nature...

This past weekend, I needed to get away.  The kids have been out of town for about 8 days and I am clawing my brains out.  I called a friend and she recommended a trip to the "Peaks of Otter" would do me right... 5.2 hours and up the mountain- A view from the base Hiking to Sharp Top... The stone house at the top of Sharp Top... 3800 feet up and now, I have to read.... Looks like a model villiage...but this is what 'Peaks of Otter' lodge looks like from 3800 feet above...COOL PIC I GOT with my camera! 3800 feet above, a biker takes the Blue Ridge Parkway If you have never gotten up to "the peaks" as some of the locals call it...I suggest you do. The camping was great (I stayed in a tent) and at 16 bucks a night, the price was right. Its summertime in my lovely Virginia...GET OUT THERE!!! --Chuck
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Chuck says: "Too Hot? Move to Alaska in a few simple steps"

For everyone complaining about the 'could' move to Alaska, ya know? I've posted these simple directions in case you need them...."There, I said it!"
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Chuck gets creative in the kitchen!

Well, in my 1980's kitchen (hey, I rent the place...don't judge)...wearing a wrinkly shirt...Here is the famous recipe for my 'two minute breakfast sandwich".... ..."cookin with that old time long lost recipe!!!"
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Chuck is out on the streets...with the baldness

So this weekend I was at Pembroke Mall for the Sing Like John Mayer Contest...and in case you have ever wondered...this is what my head looks like in a display box. I got goofy and a good time was had by all; some great singers showed up! Then, with the kids being out of town for a few days (ten to be exact), I like to take some time to go over the past year and 'take out the trash'...meaning...I lose those things which are not working and look to bring in things that ARE working. I went flying an RC Airplane that I bought. It was good to do something I used to obsess about in such a passive manner... I had one of my epiphanies while I was flying. The next morning...the sun was back in full force as the temp neared 91 degrees on the back porch at ten minutes to 11am.  I know some do not like the heat...but I do...I love summer; especially here in Virginia.... As I sat there enjoying the heat, I wrote this on my Iphone:  "Ten till 11 in the shade. For ten years this place has been my home; Virginia. Every year I love her more. Summer is when she comes alive for me and every year her heat reminds me what it feels like to be lady Virginia, I love everything about you...but summer is your best outfit and you wear it without compare."  --C. Doud
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Chuck's "Hair-Raizin" experience!

Wondering if my kids got to shave and paint my head? I think the video speaks for itself! Congrats to my two wonderful kids for "Ace-Ing" the school year! ...Dad's always good for his word....Always!
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Chuck has a 'Hair-Raisin' experience

Post fathers day log:  What a great weekend.  There is always something about hanging out with the kids that makes the world go away...and I needed the escape. This weekend I did right with the kids on two promises I had made to them back in spring: We hit the beach for 'night time' crab-hunting.  Before we embarked, I made a makeshift net out of an old fishing pole, some hot glue, and that netting material from a bag of onions.  Add three flashlights and a few tupperware containers and we were ready to storm the beach. Charlie and Theresa were super stoked as we arrived in Sandbridge at Sundown We did the sun dissapeared, the kids began squaling with excitement as the beach lit up with three flashlights and hundreds of Ghost Crabs emerged from their holes.  We bagged about a dozen before I could see that although excited, they were running on borrowed energy. The next morning they slept till 8am...which is late considering they are normally up at 6 at the latest. So...I had coffee.... What happened on Fathers Day....well...I'll let the rest wait till the video is posted tomorrow...but I made good on another promise that the kids could shave my head if they did well in school.... so....Did they?   ....check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!!!
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Chuck goes out and about...guess where?

Man, it has been a busy few weeks for me...I've been all over the place and having a great time documenting my travels with my iphone.  I'd like to do one entry here in pics and have you guess where I have been...I'll give hints and you can email me to "A great place to gather" "Rockin and Rollin" "Drive a little, save a lot" "A Highpoint in Hampton Roads" "Holy Ham-Hocks Batman!" "A famous Hermit houses this Magnificent Magnloia" So take a guess and email me...and I encourage you to take pics of your own; let's let everyone see just how beautiful and interesting the Greater Hampton Roads area is this time of year! Have fun out there...I sure am! --C
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Chuck and the kids hit the woods....CAMPIN!!!

What a crazy coupla days!!!  The kids and I spent this past weekend camping in Newport News at City Park Campground.  After our test run in the back yard…they were ready.  And so, I loaded the Escape up and we set out on our first camping trip.  It was a blast and there will be memories for a lifetime, I am certain.  Here are some pics of things we did…we definitely made some memories! Fishing Tournament/Derby at Bass Pro Shop in Hampton! My Daughter, Theresa in the woods! My two little "Happy Campers!" A campfire and some marshmallow roastin!!! The Mighty Fortress! 
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Chuck's Son Graduates Kindergarten...Camping Ensues!

So Charlie (my son) graduation Kindergarten...words can't describe how I feel...but I got a picture that I would not sell for a million bucks; so thats a start. The next morning, I got up and he had made himself breakfast; a bowl of cereal.  It became clear that my little boy was becoming a little man.  These things happen...they see you do things enough and they start to learn to do them on their own.  So with that...I introduced them to camping. I put up a tent in the back yard...and we camped out.  It was a new experience for Charlie and Theresa... it was magic for them.  Playing with flashlights, wondering what the sounds were outside the then; its what every dad should do...and what mine taught me to do not so long ago in my mind. The next morning, they both awoke excited to hit the 'real woods'... Theresa definitely enjoyed the camping more than I expected and has been asking me when we will go out again...she's got the bug. The next day, we went hiking at Northwest River Park in Chesapeake.  My kids amazed me again...2.5 mile hike and they just wanted to keep going...My dad will be excited to hear this...the love of the woods has been passed down the bloodline and it will continue.  Summer is nearly here...and this year is going to be BIG.  ...REALLY BIG on many fronts.  Im going to do what my dad did (and continues to do) for me...showing that time together, no matter what you are the FUN...getting there is the excitement!
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Chuck has a date with his Daughter

So yesterday, after Charlie let me know he had a playdate with a buddy...Theresa and I hit the town for an afternoon date.  As my best girl, I made sure the valet opened the door for her and helped her down as we hit Catch 31 at the 31st street Hilton for some lunch...can someone explain why my daughter likes KING CRAB?!?!?! Then Theresa fancied a walk on the beach, which, I was glad to off for me and pants rolled up! Then, after a wardbrobe change for her from Walmart, it was off to the Virginia Aquarium to hang with the fishes!!! Theresa asked why this horseshoe crab was getting a piggy back ride... I managed to dodge the bullet well by saying "well, he's smaller and she's being nice and giving him a lift to the other side of the tank" The end of the day was captured with a awesome day!
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Chuck gets ready for summer (even though its still spring)

As the warmer weather comes around in pops and bursts, it's my favorite time here in the Seven Cities.  Since moving to the Mid-Atlantic (or perhaps it is just because I am getting older) I have never loved the change of seasons more! Aside from reconnecting with friends, getting the cargo shorts and sandles out, and seeing the beaches lined with pretty ladies in capri pants (yes, I think they are HOT)...there is my favorite part that I have come to enjoy.  Outdoor activities with the kids!  We did the first trip to Trashmore with the kites... Also this past weekend, we went to Linkhorn Elementary's Spring kids do not go there, but, it was a carnival and we were in!   Charlie got to ride his first Mechanical Bull!!! and Theresa polished up her Hoola Hoop skill in the back yard... I can't wait to see what will happen next...but as far as I can see at the moment, this season is off to a fantastic start!!!  Ahhh "Sprummer" in the favorite!!!! Have fun out there!!! --C
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Chuck hits the water for some fishing!

Well, the weather is back to Fishing weather for me; I'm a fair weather kind of angler.   This weekend, I took a tool out to one of my favorite brackish water locations and had a pretty good day of it, too. I managed to pull out (and put back) three pickerel and hooked in to one 'hoss' that bent my hook straight.  Luckily, there were 3 other men around to see it, too (Bob, Steve, and Boney) it's no 'one that got away tale'...this sucker had to be about 6-7lbs and fought like a Turk!   As the weather continues to get nicer, the kids will be heading out with me for some fishing excursions...and I frankly, cannot wait!!! Hope your spring is in full swing...mine sure is!!! --C
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Chuck is going nuts with the iphone

Another pic from last night at the bistro

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Chuck gets his new iphone online

Here is a pic of Woo woo in the studio this morning!

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Chucks new iphone

Behold, my first entry from my iPhone
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Chuck and Woo Woo hit Towne Point Park for Cinco De Mayo

Some pics from Cinco De Mayo at Towne Point Park in Norfolk... More to come...and some video from the Margarita-Cam!
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Chuck and the kids hit the beach and see Doggie Dock Diving

So what did you do this weekend? The kids and I had a blast! Care-A-Lot Pet Supply hosted the 3rd Annual "Can your Dog Fly?" doggie dock diving competition at their location off Diamond Springs Road...and let me tell you, the kids had a BLAST!!! Check out the video I shot...this stuff was AMAZING!

Then, the kids got a wild hair to do some water activities of their own...and we hit the beach! and after 3 hours on the sand, Charlie paused for this picture! Hope you had a great weekend...we sure did!
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Chuck's weekend with the kids and bunk beds

This weekend, we had a premiere...The kids finally got their Bunk Beds!  I built the computer table, installed new lighting, and added some decor for the fun! Also, we went to the beach! and I saw this on the highway and had to take a pic....the ultimate BLIND SPOT!!! Which reminds car doesnt look so full of stuff next to this guy. Have a great week! --C
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Chuck partners with GoodWill!!!

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The weather gets warmer...and "The Douds" are ready!

I was getting (much like everyone else) a serious case of spring fever the past week with it being so incredibly 'summerlike' outside! I am already planning this year's excursions with the kiddos...and I have lofty goals to beat! ....after all, this was over the last couple of seasons! What are you planning with your kids? --Chuck
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What kind of Neighbor is Chuck?

Would you feel safe living next door to this man?!?!
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Chuck's daughter sends a song out to "Grandma Doud"

My mom keeps asking for more videos of the Theresa is first up at bat...
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Chuck thinks spring!

I am so glad the warm weather is back! I am putting together a list of things to do in the area this season with the kids. If you have any great ideas, email em’… In other news, I was so moved by the nice weather, I decided to write a bit…but having a short attention span, this is all I could get out… “and so it was, as the mighty draw-bride to the castle was lowered the subjects of the kingdom spilled out onto the sun-bathed fields. The jester took a deep breath and blew out. Laughter amongst the stony grey walls of the castle was no longer required. Spring was the new remedy. Looking at Merlin, the jester removed his hat and said “ Good day, sir, I see you have things under control” Then, of oldy but a goldie.... CICK HERE FOR THE SURRRPRISE!
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Chuck, his friends Bob, Dustin, Mike, Todd, Carrie, and Mr David move "Snow

So as some of you know, I have a special 'someone' in my life. I call her Snow White for a few reasons...but mainly because waaaay back when I first began talking to her, people would say "what's the name of that girl who works with us downtown? ....ya know the one who looks like Snow White..." ...and it stuck. Snow and I started out, as many do, as friends and then we realized something was happening...I won't bog you down with details now. Flash forward a little while and she and her son decided to move to a new place... A few quick calls and I had a posse together to do the job. My friend, Dustin, and my own Landlord, Bob showed up to help. ...along with some of Snow's family, a large Uhaul, a few Pizzas from Primo, and a cold fermented beverage supply that was virtually untouched...Snow's large furniture was moved. Here are some vitals. -Solid Wood entertainment center - Like lifting a Sequioa. -King sized bed - Folded in half to make it up the stairs in the new place -Cement yard bird-bath and planters - Dustin will not return my calls since the move (LOL). In true form, I documented the before you start asking why I was not moving things...Snow did much of the filming. In the end, she and her son now have a new, albeit smaller place that is the perfect size for the two of them. Still no signs of a is good.
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Happy St. Pat's!!!

Happy St. Patricks all my Irish brethren and sisteren.... Happy St. Pats! DRINK UP! Im Irish...and I promise to not call the ACLU or call my lawyer if you make an Irish joke or point out the fact that the Irish tend to drink more than others...the beer, amazingly, has provided us with these things called spines...we can take a joke and laugh with you...and frankly, we just enjoy your company. This week, I have also made another 'ode to my youngest....Theresa! Click the video below to watch! I love playing with video and the kids provide constant content!
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Chuck and the kids go to 64th Street @ The North End

The Kids and I went out Sunday to the 64th street entrance of North Landing Park.  They tossed rocks in the water ...we had a blast. The highlight was the usual drive around the empty parking lot where both Charlie and Theresa had their turn at driving my Escape. The smiles were ear to ear...the giggles were constant...and the time was AWESOME! I also posted a video at the bottom of the page!
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Chuck challenges you to watch a video

here's something weird...different...and a little "out there". I played it for my son and he kinda liked what do you think? Enjoy! --Chuck
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Chuck and Woo Woo are goin places.....

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Chuck's muse...his kids!

reesa in light

It's no secret, I am one of those dad's that is always up in my kids grill with the camera... its just what we do...I saw pictures a friend did playing with light and I decided to try it with one of my favorite daughter, Theresa! She has this adorably innocent look to her that makes taking pics of her so easy (as does my Son, Charlie). Here is one on the first day of the Park...she climbs the monkey bars like a big girl now! My Peeking Gremlin! It was awesome to finally get out of the house at the temps crested 61 ...we were ALL ready for it... Charlie gets tall! This year, I have some BIG plans with the kids...they are getting bigger now and are excellent listeners. Our trip to Great Wolf a few weeks back really showed me how ready they are to do more out-doors activities. When ask them to not run. they walk...they get along excellently... and frankly, I am excited about all the possibilities for this season! I love being a dad.  I never thought it was possible to love it so much ...but I do! Hooray for parenthood!  Life is good!
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Chuck's Daughter is 4...

It was on this day 4 years ago that the leading lady of my heart was born. "Happy Birthday, Theresa...Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! 4 Years Young, yet I already feel as if I have loved you forever. --Dad" Theresa and her Big Brother, Charlie! Theresa shows "How many fingers" At School, they had made her a crown!! She wears the crown! I am kind of a mess...everyone says "don't miss a moment" and I truly believe I have not; but it still hits me in the chest hard to see these beautiful kids getting bigger each day!  I cannot explain how excited I am for what is next! --C
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Chuck gets an OWWW!!!

Here is why you need to read the instructions when someone offers you an exfoliator because your skin could use it..... DO NOT LEAVE IT ON FOR TEN MINUTES!!!! Yep...I get the STOOPID award! OUCH
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Chuck's Daughter Turns 4...

Tomorrow is a BIG day as it marks the 4th birthday of my daughter, Theresa. It seems only a blink ago, she was turning 3 and I was making THIS video. I will invariably be a mess Theresa celebrates #4!!!! More tomorrow....
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Chuck and Woo Woo's Open House

Cameras were rolling! "Tour Cam"
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Chuck celebrates the snow with his KIDS!!!

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Chuck's back from Vacation...

Charlie and Reesa set out to exploreIt was an amazing 10 days off with the kids.   The highlight, invariably, was our stay at Great Wolf Lodge.   If you have never been to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids...try to do it (even if it means socking away 20 bucks a month for a few years).   They have refrigerators and microwaves in each I brought in a bunch of snacks and things to keep the kids fed when the munchies set in.   It was good for me and the kids to get some long overdue extended play time since winter had us biddle-whacked inside the house.  

...and with them keeping it 82 and beautiful inside...well, we made it a wonderful time. Charlie had his first shot at "Wolf Rider Wipeout" and finally found his groove after watching a few of the older kids.   He soon realized that first, you must become steady on your board before getting crazy.   The smile on his face tells the story! Theresa's favorties were Crooked Creek and the fun for Fort Mackenzie! Theresa on Crooked Creek And of course...Charlie had to keep going back to "Surf Some More, Dad" great_wolf 020 After an amazing three days at the lodge following the trip to visit with "Uncle Brian" and "Gramma"...the kids could not stop talking about our family trip.   All the while home, the covnersation popped between Uncle Brian's crazy cat, Julie...Gramma's chalk board...the bunk beds at Great Wolf Lodge...and when we could do it all again.  :)    This is a good thing...and this was my best vacation...EVER.
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Chuck springs some big news on the kids....

My kids...Charlie and Theresa ressachar_bayville_001 So last night I broke the news to the kids that we will all be ‘going on vacation’ beginning this Saturday. Now before I get too far, let me just say this…my vacation was made possible by some really great people who love me and my kids and know it’s been rough for Dad to pull ‘go-away-vacations” this past year. I put some prayer to it; not that god would be my “genie”, but, that the right thing would happen. In the end, I just wanted some extended time together ; even if it was in our own town. On Saturday, we travel to the home of their Uncle Brian and Aunt Shannon in Central Pennsylvania. My Brother set up homestead in the same town as my Mom, so we will be able to see “Grandma Doud” too…which is always a big hit since my mom is homebound and cannot get out much. We will be staying at “Uncle Brian’s” which was worth some cheers from Charlie and Theresa. Then, on Monday, we head back to Virginia for a night at Dads place before turning around and heading BACK across the water for a belated Christmas Gift to me and the kids….a stay at GREAT WOLF LODGE! This got the kids screaming! For those in the know, Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg is only like the coolest indoor water park and hotel in the world! We went online…I showed them pictures of the place…and immediately the conversation changed to “how many wakeups until we leave for Great Wolf Lodge?”.

"The Great Wolf Lodge" GreatWolfLodge-front_8

So, as my kids drifted off to sleep last night, they both let me know there were only 5 more wakeups till Uncle Brians, and 7 more wakeups till Great Wolf Lodge.  I love being a Dad…and every now and again, the universe seemingly loves me back for how much I do.

A Lazy Day at DadsLazy Day At Dads 

Thanks, Universe! I appreciate the assist on this vacation! I owe you one.
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Chuck provides an example of "Scary and Skill"

While I watch this and think of the time and effort that went in to this astounding piece... I also shudder that there are those with more humility than I could ever pretend to display!   LOL!
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Chuck takes his hat off to Shorewood!

I saw this about a week ago and since then have been seeing and hearing about it everywhere.... This is so far past awesome that you cant see awesome from where it is!!!! --C
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Chuck asks that you catch him on Facebook!

Well, it was time and I decided to go legit with my facebook page. Click here for the Facebook Page....Hot Mommie's always welcomed! LOL! Chuck's Facebook "Phan"Page
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Chuck's pick for this week! GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE " COME ON "

At last, the new video for G.R.O.'s "Come On"
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Chuck's getting ready for Christmas...but remembers summer!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is like "next week"....and only 6 months ago, the kids and I logged this video after a long weekend at the Pier behind Lynhaven Fish House.... Oh, Summer....I miss you already!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! --C
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Chuck explores the "holi-daze-must-have-craze"

I’m pretty miffed.  This year, while I was out shopping for the kids I came across last year’s must have:  Bakugon (or however the heck ya spell it)!   Last year, I spent 25 bucks EACH for these things because they were the “must have” gift for 2008.   Well, this year, you can find these Bakugon’s in stock and ready to move in the dollar section at Target.  Yep, what a difference a year makes, right?  bakugon   This year, it’s Zsu Zsu (or zhoo zhoo… however the heck ya spell it)…which, is a motorized gerbil looking thing that goes for about 500.00 each on the street (if you can find em, that is)….  Im starting to think this “demand” is created on the internet by a group of people who import the things.  Let’s be frank,  where do these things come from?   Who decided they were the must-have-gift?  Why is there such a demand?   Who sets the desire?  …..the answer is simple.  We do.  Good luck getting that Zsu Zsu (or however the heck ya spell it…) Seriously...I mean...What up with Dat?
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$265,000 Raised for the kids!

        VIDEO FROM DAY ONE!!!!   Chuck and Misty from Buddy Brigade.... Could it be love?!?!?!     Love,   --C
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Chuck's internet pick of the week...

Lets see, I have about 1 billion in assets....yeah, I'll roll the dice....
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Chuck shares the secret to his happiness

I often get letters from friends and fans of The Point thanking me for helping them get through a "hard time" of their own.  One of the most frequent questions I get is "How did you keep yourself and your career going?" ....I think this video sums it up best! Yours in Spirit:    --C ...and most of all...keep a sense of humor about yourself.  ;)
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Chuck gets his first Christmas Card....from The Hoff!

Happy Holidays From The Hoff! 


FYI:  The cost of these three dogs is approxamately $4200.00!  

Wait, Chuck, (you say)....I only see TWO dogs. I respond:  Im sorry, I cannot look at this long enough to count.

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Chuck welcomes the Holidays a little early

So here is my deal, I am starting the Holidays early....that's right, I said it....EARLY. People normally complain that "I can't believe its just after Halloween and they already have the Christmas stuff out" this, I say BRING IT ON.   After all, has it not been one of the most callenging years for everyone?  Have you not noticed a few more grey hairs this year than last? Thats what I am sayin'  ....and it is with that spirit in mind, I am proclaiming an immediate move to the Holiday Spirit.    Luckily, this past weekend as the kids and I went out....the folks over at Bass Pro Shops in Hampton had the same idea.   Lots of toys for the kids to play with FOR FREE....they had a decoration workshop FOR FREE.... and then the big one.... Pictures with Santa....FOR FREE.   I love you Bass Pro Shops...thanks, you got a customer for life! First I had to get my daughter out of a box! Theresa in a Box Theresa was excited to see Santa!!! Excited to see Santa! We took a break from waiting in the line...which, was not bad for me...but for a 3 and 5 year old.... well, you get the point. Charlie and Theresa on The Nutcracker Behold...THE BIG GUY!!! Charlie, Theresa, and Santa! And, of course, I had the video camera....because, ya just gotta! PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIC I hope you have fun this season.  I hope your Holidays are awesome!  and I also hope that you, like me, decide to start the Holidays early!!! Much Love, --C
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Chuck 'barges' out to Sandbridge to see "The Boat"

It has been said that you can do something right 2 million times....but the second you don't, everyone wants to see.  So is the Great Stranded Barge of Sandbridge.... I went out with the video camera to Sandbridge to witness this remarkable event this past weekend. It was amazing to see this all of its stoic steel...and everyone snapping pictures.   Even I fell victim to it's giganticism. boat1 This guy looks like he has a plan to get it out...and "if they would just listen I could tell them how we got a carrier out of the great barrier reef in 1972".....or at least thats what I see boat3 I took this picture and think it needs the caption: "27 years together and THIS is the cruise you've been promising?!?!?!" boat2 ....and of course, I would be remiss to NOT have done one of my videos. The moral of the story.... as I have found, all the good you have done in the world is invisible... people wanna see you with egg on your face and your pants down.   ...thats remarkable, folks.  Some may call me a pessimist....I call it a realist.  The sun rises every morning over this same beach, and you would think the universe painted a picture just for you...but what draws a crowd?  ...yep... 300,000 tons of steal carrying a bunch of toxic waste.    Ya gotta laugh. Yours in nakedness, --Chuck
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Chuck's Music Pick of The Week!

John Mayer:   I must admit, John, you were losing me for a bit as I could only handle so many breathy love songs....but this new one, works for me.    Carry on, Sir. 


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Chuck's thoughts of the Nor' Easter

I guess I should start sounding like my dad.... "This is nothing...nothing.   You young kids don't know what a storm is...when I was a kid, they didn't close school when it flooded....instead they would have a manditory canoe building class.   Those who didn't make one quick enough were send to the sink or swim class....and what was left were the strongest. was Darwins theory of "Survival of The Fittest".    blah...blah...blah...blah For a complete list of closings  click here
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Chuck, his kids, and the last day of warmth in Hampton Roads

How about this weekend? Was it not fantastic?!?!?! The weather was tremendous and of course, I had camera in hand when the kids and I hit one of our favorite parks, Bayville, just off Shore Drive. This park is important to us because it became known as "The Daddy Park" when I lived less than a quarter mile from it in 2008. Some things in life come and go...and all thats left are the memories....I now live 20 minutes from this park....and have for almost a year now... and the kids still ask to go there; and I am not ready to let it go just yet, either. The pics tell the tale; Bayville is a magic place for us...becuase it is, in my mind...the place things first 'locked' in the new life. It was on these grounds that the obvious became the inobvious; where balance and laughter came back for good. ressa_bayville_003 Theresa gets a big smile on "The Red Octopus" charlie_octopus_001 Charlie plans out his first step up! ressa_bayville_004 Just a wonderful gold light on my Golden Boy! ressa_bayville And some Gold Light for the Golden Lady! ressachar_bayville_001 God smiles; and with the right eye...ya never miss it! Thanks for an awesome week, Charlie and Reesa...Im nuts about you two and love you with everything I "200 million billion times back and forth to the moon"
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Chuck chills for the Holiday....

So again...I have often been asked why "Halloween" was (and remains) my favorite Holiday... It's simple:   Check this Out!!!  Here is what my little clone trooper and ladybug looked like on All-Hallows-Eve. Halloween is all about fun: no promises of travel, no ticking off the other parents because I can't make it home, ....Halloween is all about FUN! Charlie and Theresa The kids mother sent me the above one from her Iphone.  I, of course, do not have an iphone so I had to wait till I got home to see it... nevertheless, they looked great! We got a chance to get together Sunday for a few hours of "Chillout Time" Dad - Reesa! The Three Amigos Raid ColdStone!!! Charlie, Reesa, and Dad So this Halloween, though I did not spend it with the kids...we still managed to get some fun in this weekend. ...and it was just perfect! --C
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Chuck's Kids Costumes!


Charlie and Theresa:

The Galactic Alliance Thanks All Clone Troopers for their continued benevolence to Lady Bugs.

...the ladybugs REALLY appreciate it! and when they wake up from all the trick or treating... we'll be sure they thank the Clone Troopers personally.


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Chuck wants to know if YOU see what HE sees...

While out around Hampton Roads, I came across this inflatable at an area attraction...I had wondered why everyone standing around who was an adult was giggling and pointing..... Can you figure out why?
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Chuck's latest pics of the kids, his new hair, etc.

This weekend, I started cutting my own's more of a budget move than anything. I mean, think about this...25 dollars for a haircut with tip....advertised over 17.3 haircuts a year...savings of   $432.50  ...and seeing as I am a guy in his mid 30's...short hair works.  Chuck's Mizer Eyes The kids are getting big, they are at the
Pumpkin Patch at Taylor Farm Charlie and Theresa @ Taylor Farm Another pic of them...artsy, eh? kidspatch2 Then we went to my place and made Halloween Masks with paper plates and markers.... it went really well...Charlie shows his design in this one...lookin scary! charandme2 Of course, we had time for sunrises and cuddles on the couch....Theresa likes to get up around 0530 and start asking "What are we doing today?" Theresa and Dad This dad thing is going great; I can't get enough of it, actually....and thankfully the kids are over all this week. 
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Chuck has blogger's block

I was having a discussion about blogging…and some days its so hard to do…YET…posting on Facebook (feel free to friend request me) is easy….  Here is a day in the life of my facebook posts….whats it all mean?    One of my Facebook friends suggested I do this….and well…I liked the idea.  ------------------------------- Why is it Facebook is so easy...but a days its like pulling teeth! When I was 18, we drove around in my Caddy, known as "The Blessed Mother of Acceleration" with a 472 under the hood and nearly 425hp to the rear tires. This song worked...and so did the car. "When I walk the roadway shakes" p...arents made me sell the car after 4 tickets my mom had to get me out of.... Whenst shopping for a shirt; tis always good to bring friend...that way you don't wind up with a "Texas Tuxedo" like I did last time I bought a shirt at BASS PRO SHOP. "Hey ladies...wanna go fishin'?"....yeah, that works. ...uh no. Dinner went well...I'm liking the positive Mojo....though I excused myself at one point to see all the Chuck Norris posts (hey, its business) ....I'd say 'booyah' overall. Getting ready for lunch...... (uht hmmmm) ...oh yeah....and its Hump Day, Like Mother Theresa used to say " drop it like the hizot and make it an off the blick-ah stickah n' what not" getting ready to head out the door....doc appt was bumped to 10. ---------------------------------------------   Do you blog?  If so, where is your blog?  I would like to read it!   Send me a link here! Have a good day!
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Chuck breaks a rib

So this past Friday I was out playing kickball in the league I belong to.   It's always a good time for everyone...and I have to be honest, something that I took as "a joke" when I joined, I have found is totally serious.   6816_156215275449_710075449_4081844_7876805_n  I would laugh when I heard about the intensity of kickball.  INTENSITY???  REALLY??? (I would laugh) but then after a while I realized this was more than just getting together and having a few beers and hitting on hot chicks at the field.  This was a game; played with adults. Something happens in a competitive environment.  The chance of winning takes hold of you and you just get in the game.   There is someting primal for me about returning to a physcial sport; for so many years of being behind desks, in meeting, and doing little more than going to a gym when you needed a physical outlet. was bound to happen.... I was on third in a real pressure cooker when I barrel rolled in to home plate and felt my elbow strike my own rib with the force of 201lbs behind it.....SNAP!!!!   So now it's plenty of anti-inflamitory and the word that it could be six weeks before the pain is completely gone.  "Ribs are a tricky thing to break" they say....yep...but even more tricky is tryin to barrel roll in to home plate!


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Chuck has another video of the kids...really?

Okay, so I know I post a LOT of videos of my kids...but hey, ya wanna know what I do when I am not "on the clock"...Im a dad; and a darn good one at that! And here is one from Hunt Club where Charlie takes the camera and I thow in some crazy old DIO songs (for my oldest brother Ross) as a joke.  I figured if I ran the video backwards and put a scary reptile in the shots, it would work....nope...still just a video of my kids at a pumpkin patch with DIO playing in the background.  LOL!
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Chuck finds a recession-proof Halloween experience!

So this weekend the kids and I began “Halloween”, which, is a month long celebration for me.   Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and this is for many reasons.  The main reason is that it is the least stressful of the holidays, at least when it comes to family. I like it when people do GOOD things.  Further, when I catch people doing good things, I like to tell others about them. One such case this weekend was at Taylor Farm, which, is off Dam Neck Road in Virginia Beach just before you hit London Bridge Road. I gotta love Taylor Farm for giving FREE Hayrides out to their Pumpkin Field and FREE Pony Rides once inside the petting zoo….and an ALL inclusive price on pettingzoo, static kids displays, and the inflatable bouncers.  No disrespect to the others in the area, but, being a single income household…it’s always nice when someone does not want to charge you 3 different rates inside to set you back fifty bucks. …and frankly, Charlie and Theresa (my kids)  left Taylor Farm with smiles just as big as the ‘other place’… again…no disrespect to the ‘other place’, but, it’s a recession people…and Taylor Farm was there for me. Other reasons Taylor Farm Rocks! 50 Cent Waters…Sodas for a buck…and when you buy a 5 dollar pumpkin they stamp your kids hand so they can get in to the petting zoo at no extra charge.  YES…YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY…NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! I don’t wanna cry, here, but Taylor Farm….THANK YOU for helping me out!   I will be back for the larger pumpkins. I remember walking up to the cashier when we got there and asking “How much for the hayride?” and the nice woman saying “Oh, sir, that’s Free”…and me shooting back “God Love You Free?”   She chuckled and pointed to the stand where the kids could wait and said “It’s not always easy, but it is free for the ride to the pumpkin field” …I had a feeling she was an owner or close to it at least. Taylor Farm…I know the year has probably been tough for you, too, but I want to say thanks for giving me and my kids a great afternoon for less than 20 bucks.   God and I love you for it! Here is some video I pulled off my little pocket camera of our Trip to Taylor Farm!  Fun times!
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Chuck in 3 VERY different pictures

Here are me with 3 headlines and the perfect “Weekly World News” captions…. Which would be your favorite?   Email me at "chuck and his son, charlie hit the road in search of fun" Chuck on The Road With The Kids "angry chuck on the verge of nervous breakdown lashes out at kitten" Angry Chuck "chuck found deranged and intoxicated claiming to be Dali Llama" Chuck Hotel Which is your fave? Which, creates the best news story.... Got any drama in your life?  Share your story now! --C
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Chuck hits HOWL-O-SCREAM, and gets hit up for a job!

So this past Friday, I hit Busch Gardens and Howl-O-Scream 2009.   In the word of choice:  Awesome.     The new scare zones and maze upgrades are fantastic.   I made a Friday night out of it and wound up staying in a corn field in Williamsburg just to make the entire effect real!  LOL!    Of course, it was not long before Jack, Frank, and others began talking about what would happen after Nov. 1st when Howl-O-Scream ends…and their agents have been blowing me up all week.    7835_1234536350088_1429582098_665052_4198482_n What do you think?   Don’t tell Woo Woo, though…you know how she gets.  :P  7835_1234538430140_1429582098_665073_714772_n In seriousness, though.  Get to Howl-O-Scream....its off the hook this year!   --C
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Chuck gets a close call....with his hair

shoty So I went in to a Barber Shop today in Fairfield and told the guy I wanted my hair "neatened up" and I walked out with this....HIGH AND TIGHT!!!! Chuck's New Haircut
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Chuck has the about you?


I woke up yesterday morning with a slight scratch in m big deal...I have had this  before.   Four hours later...BLAM!!!  I was in the urgent care with a fever and could not breathe at all out of my nasals.   I have had MANY bouts with the Flu in my 35 years...but this one came on like no other flu I have had before.   So the doctor congratulated me...gave me two prescriptions and recommended I go see a specialist for something else he found along the way.   It's flu hang on tight...this one is going to be a DOOZY!
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Chuck hears people 'talkin' and welcomes Uncle Brian

Friday night I went out to dinner at The Lucky Star at WESTIN Hotel.  Awesome as usual.  I had the scallops with goat cheese pasta…take a look!


crab cakes at LUCKY STAR CRAB CAKES!!!! Scallops!!! SCALLOPS!!!!


After that I went down to Pacifica in Virginia Beach for a quick drink.  My friend and I proceeded to sit down next to a guy on a date who spent a handful of minutes smack talking me and giving his date personal information about a few of my co-workers claiming he “hangs out with them” and they tell him the “whole deal”.  I was just about ready to get up and go over to introduce myself to create a funny moment when his date looked over and apparently recognized me as my friend and I were kind of smirking looking at them…::::SNAP:::: the conversation stopped and they both stole away to the bathroom for a few minutes.    When they came back, the conversation had changed dramatically.   Breakfast or something…we got a chuckle out of it, so no harm, no foul.

I guess that’s the tricky thing about being on the radio; most people don’t know what you look like….but guys…your dates usually do!  ;)    Summer is slowly ebbing away….but I am not ready to summer leave yet.  One more weekend, please, mother nature, before ya bring the hammer down.


My brother, Brian was in town on Sunday.  He’s based out of PA, but, the company he works for (property management) has some properties here in the commonwealth…and he had to be here Monday…so “Uncle Brian” was in… when he got here yesterday, the kids were MORE than ready to see him!  We had a blast.  ….unfortunately, he took the pictures on the memory card with him so I will have to wait to get those up here on the blog. 


On the to do list was:


Northwest River Park (bike riding and fishing with the kids)

A picnic at the same place (which, we did)

Charlie wanted Uncle Brian to watch “OVER THE HEDGE” , which, we did. 


The kids want to go up and see Uncle Brian at his house…So I think a trip will happen soon.  They want to see his cat, Julie and his Dog “Big Red”…and see Aunt Shannon, too.  …with kids, the animals always come first!  LOL!

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Chuck and his camera...


"Spielberger", "Tarrantinoz", "Coppala"....these are things I have heard people jab from time to time...but as I say  "The Proof is in the puddin...and I always hold a big ol bowl of puddin"  I love my camera...and finally someone got a shot of me holding 'er.   This is my Sony HVR out at Mt. Trashmore this past weekend for the American Heart Association's START-HEART-WALK.  Here are some video's I have shot with this camera...even in standard definition (SD) it kicks the tail out of most cameras twice it's price.      Enjoy!   --C
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Chuck spends time with his Dad and kids...

So I took a few days off to hang out with my Dad who was down from Connecticut this past Monday and Tuesday.   We spent the afternoons hanging out with my son, Charlie, and my daughter, Theresa.  ...and the early mornings and evenings were spent fishing.   I used to not enjoy fishing too much...but as I have gotten older, I see what fishing is all about.... me and dad We went out to Ocean View Pier to spend some time spinning stories and casting bait.   The catching was off (as I expected) but we still manged to land one HUGE flounder at night.  I did not have the camera handy for it...but it was a "Door-Mat Flounder"... I am always sad to see Dad go...but I know again he will return or I will travel to him for some more fishing....and more time hanging out. Dad on OV pier. See you Soon, Pops... --C
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On a day like this, I must admit, it's just odd...especially here in this military town I have learned and loved to call home for nearly a decade now.... 9/11 reminds me of a time that taught us how to be stronger, tougher, and better at everything.   It has taught us that no matter how bad 'it seems' could be a hell of a lot worse.   Frankly, I am not going to try to impress anyone with a masterful conglomerate of words....rather I would just like to say:   On 9/11....I feel EXACTLY like you do!  We were there...weren't we? To the victims, we miss the responders, we thank you...and to those who are still at watch, we love you and will never forget what you do.  9/11/09 ....somehow it just is not easier....somehow it still hurts. God Bless, --C
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Chuck loses his mind over FW: and RE:

This is the worlds longest run-on-sentence:   Ready, set, go!


FW:  and RE:  to two worst beginnings to any email.  ….sometimes its like someone lights a pack of firecrackers when this starts at the office.  …next thing you know, you are 9 RE:’s and one FW: deep in a conversation about the proper use of coffee in the kitchen or who’s lost an ear-ring or worse yet….(I am guilty of this one)….the people who respond with a “k” to denote that they got the email and understand, if nothing else, that we have read the last email in one of these 9-deep FW/RE email threads.  


If this note seemed confusing…GREAT…so are those pesky "FW: and RE:" email threads…the point is lost and it all becomes 'noise'.... 


Today, I propose we get up off our rear ends and walk over to someone’s desk and actually TALK to them about whatever we need to.   …just thinking.



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Chuck and the kids head to see Connecticut!

This past weekend, the kids and I went up to see "Grandpa Doud" in's a long drive up the east coast...but my Co-Pilot and Princess were ready...    We hit the road and in a few miles....we were at the bridge...8 hours later...we were at Grandpa's House and Charlie and Reesa were having a blast.  We had a fantastic time...and my kids were outstanding for the long ride up and back.  This is really an exciting time for us as I now am sure they can handle a long run and still be up for fun and playing when we get there.... All the pics are below!   Fun times! Through the tunnel....
Charlie self portrait
Grandpa takes us fishing!
A beautiful day for fishing!
Charlie and the night-crawler meet!
Theresa on the swing...propulsion by Grandpa
Three Douds...ah yes...three. dsc03532
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Chuck goes fishing...Grrrr!

This past weekend I had a change of plans that left me with 72 hours and only one previously planned event.   So, I was talking with my friend who has been threatening to take me fishing "and I mean REAL MAN fishing", as he said....deep into the woods to a place where "No lazy overweight fisherman would dare to go" he continued.  He was right...though the ride on Bike and commensurate walk (16 miles round-trip of HARD travel) was was a great place to fish and the catching was good.    I am the guy in the Cammo Hat...he is the "Good Ol Boy" who is chest deep bringing in a crappie.   FISH ON!
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Chuck shares the whacky Slap Chop video he found

As a parent, I know it would make me proud to know that I spent $65,000 on my kids last two years of education only to find out he spent most of his time with a Hooka-Pipe and a MacBookPro creating this masterpiece.    Money well spent, if I may say so...
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Chuck gets a thank you call...and was RIGHT

One of the sayings in the banking industry is “Never trust a bald barber…he has no respect for your hair”.   In essence, what this means is don’t take advice from someone who is broke on how to make money.   This is usually TRUE…however, not in every case…I am, at this time of my life…a ‘bald barber’, however, about a year ago on this here website I suggested buying two particular stocks if you wanted to make some quick cash….


FORD  (Ford Motors)  $1.97

RAXSPACE HOSTING (cloud computing company)  4.60


I know one of my friends listened because he called me and said “thanks” last night.  He managed to buy his wife a new SUV and put money away for College on a small investment of a few thousand bucks.


When I posted the info about buying these stocks…FORD was at $1.97 a share and RAX was at $4.60 a share…..


My prediction was that both of these stocks were strong buys and that a simple investment in these would give explosive returns in the course of a year…


Todays price on BOTH of those stocks…one year later


FORD  (Ford Motors) $7.61

RAXSPACE HOSTING (cloud computing company)   $14.30


For those who listened…you are welcome.   Invest at your own risk...and know what you are investing in (if you do)...I personally do not have one cent in the stock market at this time other than a 401K...but I know about these companies enough to know they were worth it if I DID have the dough to toss around with them.




Chuck Doud

The Bald Barber

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Chuck takes the kids to Busch Gardens...


The kids and I...went to Busch Gardens yesterday.   The weather was perfect!!! Charlie and Theresa spent some good time in The Sesame Street Forest of Fun. charlie_bg The time together for us was fantastic!   We really needed a getaway like this...and the best part was that we could "Go on a vacation" and be back in our own beds and jammies in the same day.   charlie_reesabg Thanks to Grant and the crew at Busch Garden's for making my kids feel like SUPERSTARS!  We even managed to win a coupla stuffed animals in the Festa Itallia area.   Lady Luck blessed me as BOTH kids were able to score an aminal to bring home! Stay tuned...I talked with Grant and a couple of people up there about possibly doing a FUN NIGHT or two at Hallow-Scream...after all...'tis the season of the scream!    I'll let everyone know if I hear anything.... Then we got home and Theresa decided to show off some of her new eyewear! reesa_glasses Hope you had a great weekend....I know we sure did!!!   Thanks! --C
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Chuck gets a new drivers license...and is SHOCKED.

license This is a picture of my new VA State Driver's License and for the first time in my life....I AM OUTRAGED at how I look in a picture.  When you get your picture taken now, they want you to be expression-less and they had me "Put your neck back, chin down, and remove any expression from your face"....what you get is the picture above.   This dude looks fat and angry....NOT ME.   The rules are you have to have a 'neutral' expression....well, is smiling not as neutral as it comes?   I understand this is for facial recognition...but why we gotta look mad!?!?!?
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Chuck shares a FUNNY video he found.

I was sitting around the other night playing on FACEBOOK (yes, my life is a real heater).  and a friend of mine who is married (quite happily, too) sent me this as he and his wife had been watching it and laughing their tails off.     To my married friends...ENJOY!!! --C
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Chuck finds a way to have some fun...and drive coworkers nuts!

I was playing around on line and found this video....the whole song is a little foul but this part will surely be stuck in your head all afternoon. What other things have you found that have wound up being stuck in your head all day?   Email me  and let me know.  Happy Wednesday....INTERIOR CROCODILE ALLIGATOR!   --C
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Chuck and his kids explode 126 Water Balloons!

So this past weekend was spent with my two kids, Charlie and Theresa.  (Aka, Charlie and Reesa).... It was, as you know....HOT.  Instead of packing up the garage and heading to the beach, we brought the beach to us. I sat down and filled 126 water balloons (this takes over an hour)...what happened from there is easily seen as Charlie, Reesa, and their friends lay waste to those said 126 balloons in less than a total of five minutes.   Still...when ya want fun...I'm your man!
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Catch Chuck and Woo Woo at Finn McCools Today

Chuck and Woo Woo will be live from Finn McCools in Virginia Beach (near the amphitheater) from 3p-7p before The Dave Mathews Band show. They will have back-stage meet and greets for come on by!
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Chuck decides not to eat worms...but to get it DONE.

The thunder storm last night was pretty terrific.  Sure it quelled 31st street a bit…but when I got home and sat, listening to that crackling and booming; it was fantastic. 


For whatever reason, I woke up, wide awake at just before 5am.  I lay there in bed for about 15 minutes until the realization came there would be no more sleep.  I was awake…that was it.  So I got up and got to work.


By the time 7am had rolled around I had downed one pot of coffee, ironed 6 shirts, re-folded and organized a closet, returned emails, and scheduled an appointment.   Awesome.


They say the early bird gets the worm…and for him, I suppose this is good.  I, however, being an evolved human…got some needed chores done.   I will leave the worms for the birds. 

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Chuck's High School Pictures go PUBLIC in 2009!

Well, I have been balking on these for years and now, thanks to my best friend from High School (who is now a teacher herself) they are!    Chuck as a freshmen in 1990! Chuck, 1990This was in the years before corruption.   I was a young strapping-lad full of dreams.  When I was alseep in High School, I dreamt of doing radio in the big cities and being retired by the time I was 35.   Now at 35, I can say that I have done radio in the big cities (New York, Los Angeles, Philly) and...the retired thing....not yet. I was going for the Adam Curry from MTV look.  Oh...Adam Curry, kids, was a VJ on MTV back when their age cut-off on talent was 35 and you actually remembered who the hosts of shows were. Anyway....I digress.   Here is the proof I had a mullet! Now, of course...I look more like this... .chucka Well...there...its extortion...just shame! --C
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Chuck tells us why "an ounce of prevention" works...

So this weekend I spent some time catching up with Old Pals, laying around in bed till about 1030am (which I never do), and traveling all over Hampton Roads again… I just realized my new car is not fully a year old and already I have logged 21 thousand miles on it…HOLY COW. I wanted to wait to buy the extended warranty (they said I had until 30,000 miles to do so) and now there are only 9000 miles left to do so. DANG! I am a big proponent of the extended warranty offered by many manufacturers…especially FORD motors. …no I am not going to go on some special interest tirade about FORD or whatever…they have just done me right on the extended warranty in the past. …and when ya do me right, I talk about you. (others seem to wait till they are ‘done wrong’ to speak of people…I like to catch people doing RIGHT). The last car I owned was a Mercury Mountaineer (part of the Ford Family) and I had bought the extended warranty. For the longest time, I never even had to use it…but as the car neared the 100,000 mile mark…it saved me THOUSANDS in repairs as items that were covered by this ‘extended 100,000 mile warranty’ showed their age. When I did the math after a leaky intercooler cost me a transmission (which was covered), I saved almost 10,000 in total repairs…..for a 2500.00 warranty. Sure, 2500.00 is a ton of cash…but 10,000 was a lot more…and I did not have to pay but a $100.00 deductible on one job…so I saved over 7000.00! The math adds up. Of course, now I drive a modest, sporty, and 'economically sound' Ford I don't know if the warranty will cost the same or less...gotta check  So I have to call up to my dealership later to see what the price is…and then try to do some fancy footwork to get it done. Busy day today, which I like. Woo Woo comes home tomorrow so I will be interested to see how her trip went…her facebook has been quiet.
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Chuck's story about 7 year old who steals a car to skip church

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Chuck shares more pics from summer 2009

Theresa at World of  Wonder....Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Theresa Kathleen Charlie at "WOW" as well... Charlie Fitz Some of Charlie's Artwork... Charlie'
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Chuck spends time with his kids and Barack Obama!

So I am sitting here at the desk, sipping on a nice chop of double shot coffee and staring at the computer screen.   I am mad at myself for eating two donuts this morning.   Since stopping the smoking, I sure am eating more and it bothers me.   On the upside, it’s coming up on 2 months not smoking.   Downside…about 7lbs on my gut.


The kids and I spent the morning running around the house with a Barack Obama mask on.  You can pick em up at Party City for about 15 bucks.   Anyway, we are planning some videos that should be coming soon using this mask.   As the director, it is my challenge to come up with the content and creative ‘angle’ so here are some ideas I had.


  1. Barack loading the dishwasher
  2. Barack on the potty
  3. Barack rocking out to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  4. Barack updating his facebook profile to “Chillin”
  5. Barack cleaning out the gutters.


It’s all in a days fun…but never the less…it just makes things fun.  …and I am all about “the fun”. 


Have a good Thursday.



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Chuck heads out with Woo Woo for Nickelback

So today, Woo and I will be out at Finn McCools, again...before the Nickelback show at The Amphitheater.  We will have plenty of free tickets to the show on hand...but that does not mean Woo Woo and I personally have them in our pockets...they will be dispensed on site by our trusty promotions team; so they are the ones you want to give the "I'll do anything for tickets" ovetures to....we are jus the DJ's.  LOL! See you at Finn McCools in VB!   --C
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Chuck's vacation wrap-up video "introspection"

So while I try to not get too "Deep" on thinking (thinking, sometimes is not so good), it's hard to not have 5 days all to yourself and not get down to some meat and potatoes thinking about life, where you are, and where you could see yourself going. What I came up with was this 4 minute piece.  Enjoy! Thanks for listening.... --C
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Chuck's digital camera pictures from vacation

Vacation was was a week of sleeping late, eating what I wanted...and just exploring Hampton Roads and the surrounding hamlets. I went out to Fort Boykin in Smithfield and saw a big old looked cool enough. smithfield0709-001  After a stop in Smithfield, the attendant at a gallery I went through suggested I eat at "Chuck a Mucks"...the name sure sounded good.   The tablefare rocked. Chuck a Mucks Here is me with a full belly and a smile after the Softshell at Chuck a Mucks Eathing at Chuck A Mucks I also spent time with the kids.  Charlie and Theresa are always up for some shell hunting... beach-0711-008_edited-1 We found some writing on the sand... beach-0711-014_edited-1 Sand-Bombs on a hunk of driftwood beach-0711-031 My two peepes! beach-0711-005_edited-1 I walked on the beach almost every night...some great sunsets. smithfield0709-018 I'll post some more in a bit...but I also had a pretty big moment in self-discovery that I did a video about.   The kids travelled off to their cousin's for a it gave me a TON of time to do some personal work...what happened and what was realized was awesome!   Stay tuned! --C
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Chuck returned from vacation to find 346 waiting.

So I just walked back in to my office, sat down, fired up the computer and found 346 emails waiting.  Not bad, actually...last time I went on vacation I remember the email cut me off at 600.   I will have pictures and videos coming... it was a GREAT week off.   Glad to be back!
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Chuck's vacation situation...

Well, I go on vacation tomorrow and quite frankly, I am in a bit of a bind.  Where to go?!?!?! I planned on a stay-cation; or at least a semi-stay-cation and hanging out with Charlie and Theresa.    Well, I found out they are going on vacation with their mother, so I will be bachelor-in it for the week.   Got any suggestions of things to do?   You email it...I will do it and post the video...that way...I can write off my entire vacation as a 'business expense'...pretty slick! email away!   --C
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"I Drummed, therefore I was"

Yes, I used to be a drummer.   Here is a corner of my place where sits a kids sized drumset for the Wee-ones to be rock stars.   I got on the skins to relive some of the days of Yore.  ...Ricki Rockett would be proud.
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In Search of America: A Mini-Doc-U-Minute

This fourth of July was spent mostly by myself until a last minute call from some friends that had me heading down to Ocean Front for some beverages and the fireworks. So I decided to go in search of America and make the best out of the day without my kids...and I think I got a good piece of it and found out a little something about myself in the process. Enjoy, --C
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Chuck's Kids...Rockin!

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