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Chuck's Blog 01.10.12

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Chuck's new Ringtone is Driving People Nuts

Okay, so today I got more than a few looks over my phone ringtone.  What got me was that people seemed genuinely disturbed by this...and why, I ask?   I have a rather common phone.

How may times has someone else's phone rang and you thought it was yours?  Getting my point?   When this phone ringtone plays, I want everyone to know without question "oh, that's Doud's phone. Did I succeed? 

So long to a guy who has great things ahead!

  Lot's going on lately...Just today I found our a great guy in our building received an opportunity for a promotion within and will be leaving around the end of the month.   Though, technically, he works for a competing radio station, we work for the same company and I have always enjoyed his positive energy and get it done attitude; and he's a good I knew eventually he would wind up getting a promotion and moving to a new challenge.  

Sure, it'll be different not seeing him, but, I'm truly happy for him...he deserves this and will do great things.  ...but, along with being a person who is liked and respected (rare finds these days)...he taught me (several years older than he) how to choose a good tequila; and that's saying something!  

He didn't have subordinates, he worked with people...and though sometimes I'd shake my head at some of the off air stuff we'd work on, people who make you 'check yourself' every now and again are important.  They keep your game on.   He was that guy when he needed to be...not when he had a bad day.

T, all the best in your future.  Sure, we competed on a 'how many listeners' standpoint, but, when it came down to it, you were always looking out for the 'common good' deserve the best!   Proud of you, my man!


01/10/2012 9:57AM
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