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Chuck loses his mind over FW: and RE:

This is the worlds longest run-on-sentence:   Ready, set, go!


FW:  and RE:  to two worst beginnings to any email.  ….sometimes its like someone lights a pack of firecrackers when this starts at the office.  …next thing you know, you are 9 RE:’s and one FW: deep in a conversation about the proper use of coffee in the kitchen or who’s lost an ear-ring or worse yet….(I am guilty of this one)….the people who respond with a “k” to denote that they got the email and understand, if nothing else, that we have read the last email in one of these 9-deep FW/RE email threads.  


If this note seemed confusing…GREAT…so are those pesky "FW: and RE:" email threads…the point is lost and it all becomes 'noise'.... 


Today, I propose we get up off our rear ends and walk over to someone’s desk and actually TALK to them about whatever we need to.   …just thinking.



09/09/2009 5:54AM
Chuck loses his mind over FW: and RE:
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