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Chuck leaves FACEBOOK...picks Twitter

So lately, my email box has been slammed with messages of "Why did you de-friend me on FACEBOOK?" or "Did I do something wrong?"; the questions are relentless. The long and short is, I QUIT FACEBOOK. Yes, a week now and it feels great. Please don't be upset, if you really need to know what I am up to, I am on TWITTER...but even that is marginal at best. So why my exodus from FACEBOOK? Simple...It became more work than it was worth. Add to the 11pm "Whatcha doin?" messages from people who should be in bed with the person who their satus is set to MARRIED for...and the countless questions about "what does your status mean? Did I upset you?"...I felt like FACEBOOK was becoming more of a "Friend Finder/Group Therapy Session" for me and less FUN...which was why I started it up in the first place. So I decided there was an easy fix.....DELETE ACCOUNT. I know it seems crazy, but, I finally saw the reasons Twitter is 'better' than FACEBOOK. 1. You are part of a main instead of soap-box 2. Private messages are limited to 140 characters 3. People seem to talk about 'things' rather them 'themselves'. 4. You are forced to be creative with your posts; there's limited real estate. 5. I was dying to know at any time what 'The Beebs' was up to.... So please was not was ME that clicked the OFF button on my FACEBOOK. I look forward to seeing you in the social media world....and I promise to keep my TWEETS short....I have no choice but to do so. ;) Much love, --Chuck

08/20/2010 6:45AM
Chuck leaves FACEBOOK...picks Twitter
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08/20/2010 9:46AM
I did the same things as you, but my reasons were more to get in touch with REAL friends that I see and speak to often, not the nobodys from yesteryear! See you on Twitter: @elementgeek
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