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Chuck is back from "Vacation?"...well...

I always enjoy getting back from time off and the “catch up” that ensues from a few days out of the office.  When I got in today, there were 182 emails in my in-box, most of which, were SPAM.  Thankfully, I do not have to respond to the King of Madagascar’s email where he wants to give me 1.9 million dollars just for giving him by Bank routing info with a “Got it”…Im sure he’s busy enough. Then there are the people who exclaim “SO WHERE DID YA GO?” that I need to explain ‘why’ I did not go anywhere to…and their puzzled look as to why with 2 kids, 4 missed doctor’s appointments due to meetings I had to attend, and a shoestring budget that I did not jet off to the Islands for a drink-induced bender with rock stars and scantily clad co-eds where I posted facebook pictures with the sideways peace sign and pursed lips.  Im 37…”vacation time” is spent shampooing the carpet, fixing the air conditioner, and exhausting my flex-med account paying for the aforementioned missed doctor’s appointments…$260.00 worth to be exact.  WOW…that was relaxing!!!!  I feel so refreshed and revitalized. However, this year, I made an appeal on the advisement of a special someone in my life.  This year I am going to ‘get away’ for a real ‘vacation’…my first in 5 years.  So now rock-stars and half naked co-eds?  …well…not so much.  J Next month, I will be heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains for 4 days to a cabin in the middle of nowhere…a true, “out of this world” vacation…and I cannot wait.  While planning out the trip, my sig-o told me there was white-water tubing, some caverns, and plenty of things to do while this trip is made. However, I am looking forward to other things…here are some of them.
  1. Waking up when the notion hits me.
  2. Drinking a pot of coffee on a wrap around porch.
  3. Letting my mind go blank for an entire day.
  4. Eating three meals in a day, preferably all pancakes
  5. Pretending I am ‘local’ to this out of the way town.
  6. Not shaving for 3 days.
  7. Scratching my back with a limb from a tree.
  8. Eating an entire pecan log roll.
  9. Buying a bell pepper from a roadside stand.
  10. Looking for Big-foot.

07/25/2011 6:22AM
Chuck is back from "Vacation?"...well...
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