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Well, finally we are out of the winter....

Thank goodness it's starting to get warm! I was going a little crazy with the winter that just didn't seem to want to let go.

I tried a few hobbies....becoming a "Cat Burglar" didn't go to well for me. So I packed that in just as the weather began to break and got the kids out to do some fishing.

My Daughter, Theresa, caught her first Largemouth Bass ever...and a "BIGGIE" to boot, as she joins the ranks of those who've landed "Old Mossy Back"! She was so excited when this biggie grabbed on that she yanked really hard on the pole like I told her too; next thing I knew, I had a 2lb bass catwheeling at my face! So proud of her and her first big catch!

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Where do I find you online?

Well, here we are in the THICK of winter.  This groundhog had bad news for us...and  there's not a lot going on except for cold winds and grey skies.  However, there is something I do like about the "3 months of cold" we get here in the 757.  

People seem to want to talk more during the winter.  It's the next best thing to going insane with cabin fever, I suppose.  So, let's talk.  

I get a lot of requests for 'where' I am on social media.  To me, while I am on all of the 'buzz' platforms I should be, I still find that Facebook is the quickest and easiest way to find me online.   Sure if you want to #hashtag everything, there's twitter, pheed, and all the others...but for me, I like how you can have a long and intelligent conversation on Facebook without a million abbreviations and a bunch of 160 charachter limitations.  

So if you'd like to find me online, try my Facebook First:  



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Chuck's invisalign with

So you probably saw a few blogs ago that I started my invisalign process with Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen at Orthodontics, and I'm pretty excited!

During the last blog about this, I told you how Jen had taken the imprints of my teeth and sent them off to the lab.  A few weeks later, Kim (the Patient Coordinator), called me to have a look at the video at the bottom....Check it out!  

After they took my imprints, they generated a computer model of the invisalign process to correct my teeth.  From there, the 'trays' were made, and then Dr. Peluso called me back in for my first fitting.  Pretty slick!

Here is what my first set of trays looked like:

They popped right on to my teeth and fit like a glove (er, uh, I an Invisalign tray).   They felt a little odd for the first day (I'm being honest, here), and after the third day, I didn't even know they were there at all!  Every few weeks, I'll go back to the office and get a new set of trays as the process continues.   I'll keep you posted, for sure. 

Meantime, want a shot at a free $250.00 Visa Gift Card?  Seriously, no strings attached!  All you have to do is LIKE the FACEBOOK page of Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen and you're qualified; that's it...and you're welcome!  


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Don't get too crazy in 2014.


Here it is, week 3 of 2014...I see everyone's posts on Facebook (click here to come to mine), and thought I would share how week 3 of my resolution is going.   :)   


2014 is going to be an exciting here at at 94.9 The Point with more amazing concerts (already excited about Fall Out Boy/Paramore at The Farm on 7/22) be sure you check out our concerts page to find out what's happning and how to get free tickets! 

The kids are getting BIG...Charlie just turned 10 and bought a truck.....
Well, not really, but, he did sit in this one and asked if I could buy it; I showed him 
a nice scooter instead.  "Dad's going to be riding this to work, Charlie", I said. 


Theresa just joined running club and asked me to join as her "Run Buddy"...I asked her why she couldn't join BINGO club as the last time Dad ran, it was through a field with a spot-light chasing him and the distant sound 

of bloodhounds closing in.... 







Nevertheless, I joined the run club and my first 8K is in March!!!  
Wish me LIFE!!!  Talk soon...and seriously, come by facebook sometimeand let's chat there, too!  

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Chuck gets his teeth situation "Straightened Out" with Orthodontics

So here is where we start with the issue I have had for the past few years.  My teeth were always fine...that is until a few years ago when I noticed something was happening.
My bottom teeth were shifting...badly, too.  So much so, that earlier this year I was literally BREAKING DENTAL FLOSS trying to floss them in the morning.  This was a no-bueno-situation for me.  I could literally feel them shifting sometimes and I didn't like pictures with me smiling because I felt like it looked as if I was chewing on automotive transmissions in my spare time.  That's when I hit the net and started seeking out solutions.  A few clicks in, I found Orthodontics with Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen

Three weeks later, there I was...staring at this sign. 

I met with Dr. Peluso and he told me to shake-off my worry of having to get braces to fix my crooked-crunked-out-teeth.  He took a look inside my mouth and said "Chuck, you'd be an awesome candidate for Invisalign and won't need braces".   This was good news to me because Invisalign is that clear alignment guard you wear that no one can see and slowly straightens your teeth without the need for additional surgery or extensive apparatus in your mouth.   I was pretty stoked.   So, I immortalized the moment with a pic of me and "Doctor P" as his staffers call him...great guy, might I add.   After the consult we sat around talking about boats and fishing and the old neighborhood (turns out we both were from the same area of the country). 

This is Dr. Peluso and I before at the outset of my tooth straightening adventure. 

So...we started the process...

"Doctor P" ordered some Xrays of my jaw and that's where I met of his assistants...who announced to me
"Hi, I'm Jen, your new best friend by the end of today's appointment"

Jen is awesome.  She loves music as much as I do, is a sports fan, and has an adorable little girl.   Next thing I knew, Jen, was taking some Xrays of my Jaw as we began the process of building a model for the team at Orthodontics to get to work on with straightening my teeth. 

Here's Jen telling me to not be a sissy with the Xray was no sweat. 

Xrays done, Jen took me to her chair and showed me some stuff she wanted to put in my mouth to get impressions looked like this:

Jen assured me this would be a breeze...and even asked what flavor I would like to have on my impression compound.  "Flavor?", I asked. 
"Yeah, Man," she said as she began rattling off a list of flavors she could whip up that rivaled most Ice Cream places I have been to....she had me at Cheesecake. 
So, it was in to the chair and Jen got to work taking my impressions. 

Within about 15 minutes, Jen had done her good work...I had a blissful taste of Cheesecake to remember it by...and Dr. Peluso rounded the turn.
"You're good to Go...", he started.  "We'll give you a call soon and then you can come back in and we'll show you what your teeth are going to look like and get you your first set of alignment trays"

That was it!!!!  I was on my way!!!  By Spring 2014, I will have corrected my teeth?!?!?!!   Yes, that simple.  

A couple days later I got an email...which led to the link I want to give you.   After Dr. Peluso and his team did some thinking, we talked, and they had a pretty freaking amazing idea.  If anyone from The Point wanted to call them, they'd offer a deal you simply couldn't turn down. ....this is where I leave it up to you to click and SAVE BIG for mentioning you either read this, or heard the commercial I do for Orthodontics.    I don't do these things often...but when I can thank you for listening by hooking you up...I will....


and stay tuned to this blog, I'll update you on the next step of the "Fixing of Chuck's Grill" with Orthodontics.    Thanks Jen, Thanks Dr. guys are mad-cool! 

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Chuck finds an interesting post on Facebook

Okay, so like 99 percent of what you read on facebook is not really useful...but every once in a while, you find something great. 
Take this link someone shared...99 life Hacks you can actually use.  Cool stuff like using a dust-pan for a water spout in tough to
reach places where you want to fill a bucket.   Check it out...I loved this one.
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Chuck's surprise lunch

So the guy in this picture is my son making one of his funny faces.  It's summer and both he and my daughter, Theresa, are doing the summer camp thing again.  They're having fun, and making new friends; a good time to be a kid.  

I got a call from his Mom saying Charlie wanted to take me to lunch the other day.  WOW!  This was one of those moments...MY Son wanted to take ME to lunch?!?!  Rock on!

I picked him up from Lego-Camp and we loaded into my car.  "So, where would you like to go to lunch, Char?", I asked.  

"I want to take you to that Tastey Experts place where your favorite sandwhich is, " he said.  

"You mean Taste Unlimited?", I said.

"Yeah, THAT place...I know you like that one sandwich over there", he said with a smile.  

Twice I offered to pay, but, Charlie was insistent.  "This is on ME, Dad", So, I let the man do as he had wished.  There's a lot more to this story...and after I dropped him off, my eyes got really misty as I felt that bucking of a good cry coming on...but, that part needs to wait.   I have a full day ahead and the last thing I need is to be walking around with red eyes, so, you'll have to come back for that part of the story.   :)

I love my kids dearly...and this was a first...and I'll tell you why, shortly.  



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Fishing and making "Stone Soup"


I just had a great afternoon at The Ocean View pier that I wanted to share with you.

First, My kids are at camp this week and I miss them terribly already. So I decided to go fishing at the Ocean View pier after work this morning. It was a hot day, but, the tide was on its way out and I knew that I would at least catch a few fish... Hopefully taking my mind off the obvious.

I got out and the catching was, indeed nice. Six nice sized croaker in about ten minutes. Not bad.

A Grandmother and her two children arrived on the pier. Within a few minutes I could tell they were unreasonably unequipped for their outing today. Small poles with standard freshwater rigs...but respectfully, I watched. 

After seeing them catch nothing for a while, I walked over, introduced myself, and offered to help. Their Grandmother said "Thank you, Sir" and agreed to let me help. 

I re-strung, and rigged their poles gratis with bottom weights, hooks, and bait. Then, magic happened.

Fish after fish, the two Grandchildren screamed " I've got one I got one", as my pole rested dormant. They filled 1/4 of my bucket with 17 additional croaker and spot. I just kept running from pole to pole, unhooking fish, re-baiting, and happy to see the two tykes "nailing" a solid day's catch. 

Then, a few hours later, I realized I had to leave. I told them to keep my bucket and my catches as a reward for such a great day. Then Grandma reached for her purse. 

"Let me give you something for your time, Chuck", she said. 

"You already have," I said. "Thank you for lending me your Grandchildren for a few minutes" I replied. 

I could see her face quivering. It was getting uncomfortable for her as she spoke. " I prayed to God for an Angel to help me today; I know how to cook them, but, not how to catch them since their Grandfather passed."

"With my highest respects, Ma'am. Have a fantastic day. Thank you for taking these boys fishing", is all I could muster. 

Folks, I am not saying give it ALL away...but once in a while when you do...God gives you just what you need to fill the whole for you, and the belly for others. 

Blessed are we.

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Summertime Vacation Plans for Chuck

Well, it's summer...and time to start making those vacation plans!  

I like creating memories with my kids, and It had been in my mind for some time to take the kids on a trip I did when I was very young.  They're both 'coming of age' as far as the early years go.  Charlie is 9, and Theresa is 7; they're becoming their own people...and so it was with that spirit I decided it was 'time' for the trip.  

Destination:  NIAGARA FALLS, NY  

When I was a kid, my Dad loaded us up in an old car with tents and blankets and we camped out near the falls.  Even though I was very young, I can still remember that sound.  You never forget it, the sound of millions of gallons of pristine water crashing to a misty wonder hundreds of feet below that creates one of the Wonders of the World.  

However, this time...older myself and having saved since 2008 for this trip, our journey will be slightly different.  Meet The Doud Family RV I have rented for a week this August. 

This is the C-Class RV...complete with 2 queen sized beds, 2 full sized beds, a galley, bathroom, shower, fridge, and microwave.  I asked them to take the TV out and they obliged. It's powered by a V10 gas engine (not diesel) and is capable of up to a week of "boondocking" with no campsite.  We however, rented a campsite with electric and water just to not have to ration water and electric supply when needed.  

This will be remembered as "THE TRIP"...and I'll keep you updated on the progress as things get closer.   

My eyes well up as I type this...I did it...a middle aged man's dream of creating a trip so unique in travel and experience that Clark W. Griswold would approve.  

Niagara...The Doud's are coming...See you this August!  


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Welcome to Hurricane and Mosquito Season!

Tis the season for those flying blood-sucking little bugs we love to hate....MOSQUITOS!!!!  RUN!!!  So what do you do?   Sure, ya can call an exterminator...and really, ya should before you go dousing your yard in ANY chemical.  However, you might not know...there are several readily available "all natural" and "non-toxic" ways you can keep those mosquitos under control in your back yard...

No, I am not paid to say this, I am a customer and wanted to share as this time of the year, I get a good amount of friends who know me as a guy who keeps his back-yard 'bug free' ask "what do I do for Mosquitoes?"

As far as environmentally friendly (I get nervous recommending anything chemical as you should consult a pro)...this product is something you spread on the lawn and it confuses the mosquitoes quite well with scents of lemon-grass, peppermint, and they can't smell YOU. Works well for parties and lasts about 2 weeks in my experience. Good for backyard camp-outs too. Hope that helps!

It doesn't kill just confuses a man in a shoe-store. ;)  

So check out some Dr. T's and follow the works great!

Enjoy your grilling, and back yard adventures...    --Chuck

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