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Chuck in 3 VERY different pictures

Here are me with 3 headlines and the perfect “Weekly World News” captions…. Which would be your favorite?   Email me at "chuck and his son, charlie hit the road in search of fun" Chuck on The Road With The Kids "angry chuck on the verge of nervous breakdown lashes out at kitten" Angry Chuck "chuck found deranged and intoxicated claiming to be Dali Llama" Chuck Hotel Which is your fave? Which, creates the best news story.... Got any drama in your life?  Share your story now! --C

10/02/2009 7:53AM
Chuck in 3 VERY different pictures
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10/03/2009 6:39AM
Hi Chuck I heard you say the other day hat your friend saw U2 in New York and Charlottesville. I think my husband and I traveled the farthest to see them.........We flew all the way to Dublin in July just to see them perform in their hometown. Of courseit was our 27th anniversary trip too so after 5 days in Dublin we flew to London for another 5 days and saw Wicked there. U2 was awesome, the best concert we have ever seen. That picture of Charlie is cute as can be !
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