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Chuck, his friends Bob, Dustin, Mike, Todd, Carrie, and Mr David move "Snow

So as some of you know, I have a special 'someone' in my life. I call her Snow White for a few reasons...but mainly because waaaay back when I first began talking to her, people would say "what's the name of that girl who works with us downtown? ....ya know the one who looks like Snow White..." ...and it stuck. Snow and I started out, as many do, as friends and then we realized something was happening...I won't bog you down with details now. Flash forward a little while and she and her son decided to move to a new place... A few quick calls and I had a posse together to do the job. My friend, Dustin, and my own Landlord, Bob showed up to help. ...along with some of Snow's family, a large Uhaul, a few Pizzas from Primo, and a cold fermented beverage supply that was virtually untouched...Snow's large furniture was moved. Here are some vitals. -Solid Wood entertainment center - Like lifting a Sequioa. -King sized bed - Folded in half to make it up the stairs in the new place -Cement yard bird-bath and planters - Dustin will not return my calls since the move (LOL). In true form, I documented the before you start asking why I was not moving things...Snow did much of the filming. In the end, she and her son now have a new, albeit smaller place that is the perfect size for the two of them. Still no signs of a is good.

03/23/2010 8:20AM
Chuck, his friends Bob, Dustin, Mike, Todd, Carrie, and Mr David move "Snow White"
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