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Chuck hears people 'talkin' and welcomes Uncle Brian

Friday night I went out to dinner at The Lucky Star at WESTIN Hotel.  Awesome as usual.  I had the scallops with goat cheese pasta…take a look!


crab cakes at LUCKY STAR CRAB CAKES!!!! Scallops!!! SCALLOPS!!!!


After that I went down to Pacifica in Virginia Beach for a quick drink.  My friend and I proceeded to sit down next to a guy on a date who spent a handful of minutes smack talking me and giving his date personal information about a few of my co-workers claiming he “hangs out with them” and they tell him the “whole deal”.  I was just about ready to get up and go over to introduce myself to create a funny moment when his date looked over and apparently recognized me as my friend and I were kind of smirking looking at them…::::SNAP:::: the conversation stopped and they both stole away to the bathroom for a few minutes.    When they came back, the conversation had changed dramatically.   Breakfast or something…we got a chuckle out of it, so no harm, no foul.

I guess that’s the tricky thing about being on the radio; most people don’t know what you look like….but guys…your dates usually do!  ;)    Summer is slowly ebbing away….but I am not ready to summer leave yet.  One more weekend, please, mother nature, before ya bring the hammer down.


My brother, Brian was in town on Sunday.  He’s based out of PA, but, the company he works for (property management) has some properties here in the commonwealth…and he had to be here Monday…so “Uncle Brian” was in… when he got here yesterday, the kids were MORE than ready to see him!  We had a blast.  ….unfortunately, he took the pictures on the memory card with him so I will have to wait to get those up here on the blog. 


On the to do list was:


Northwest River Park (bike riding and fishing with the kids)

A picnic at the same place (which, we did)

Charlie wanted Uncle Brian to watch “OVER THE HEDGE” , which, we did. 


The kids want to go up and see Uncle Brian at his house…So I think a trip will happen soon.  They want to see his cat, Julie and his Dog “Big Red”…and see Aunt Shannon, too.  …with kids, the animals always come first!  LOL!

09/21/2009 6:22AM
Chuck hears people 'talkin' and welcomes Uncle Brian
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